Chinese women’s football: reversal, kill, win the title, novels dare not make up the legendary story

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After 16 years, the women’s football team has come back from 2-0 down in the Asian Cup final to win.But 2006: Down 2-0, Han Duan and Ma Xiaoxu came back to 2-2 and won on penalties.It was 2-0 down, 2-2, and in stoppage time, a winner that left a lasting impression on the Minds of Koreans.Dong-a: Is there a fear of the Korean women’s soccer team after the Olympic qualifying?Playing Japan in semi-final, very tired;Wang Shuang was injured today.She had a great zidane free pass in the 31st minute (which must have impressed those who saw it) and ran in the second half for Tang to have a shot, but it didn’t move very well.Korean third center guard. We have to go flanking.Gao Chen, Zhang Xin and Tang Jiali retreated to take the ball in large numbers, trying to give Lou Jiahui and Yao Wei a chance to advance.But two wings take off have a risk, must rely on Wang Shanshan big sweep top to fill.South Korea just caught our right wing up to turn the left wing, counterattack out of a.Then 40 to 60 minutes or so, we were a little bit behind physically, Korea suddenly pressed, Lou Jiahui was slow (she was injured in the last game), Yao Lingwei was awarded a penalty.0 to 2.It was desperate.In the 41st minute, I heard the water instructor Shouting: “Hit them behind!None!”Second half, surviving the first 15 minutes.Water director substitution, adjustment, side up.Gao Chen played more in the middle in the first half, played more on the right in the second half, and played a very handsome fried ball.Wang Shanshan mopped up and liberated the midfield.Zhang Linyan interspersed freely.We got the tempo.Then ushered in the turning point of the game: first side penalty, Miss Tang scored.Then tang Jiali’s stroke of the right man ball points, the ball assist, zhang Linyan put on the equaliser.Today, Tang took the ball, got rid of it, pulled back, set up, scored, and assisted. It was simply the female version of Suarez + Benzema in one.What is tottenham’s top Asian star ah!At 2-2, the Koreans couldn’t even get up and attacking.Is to rob, while disorderly things, beat us after the point, in an attempt to steal a surprise.But Zhu Yu on the second half of a reaction such as god’s close range god attack, did not let the South Korean bite success.Then, we gave the Koreans nothing to hope for: forward coordination, a series of crossovers, replaced by xiao Yuyi’s winner.The winning ball, is the first half of the water guide, “hit them behind ah!”Before the final that a string of pass and catch more beautiful reflect tactical literacy not to mention, after the event can also find Tang Jiali without the ball to run cleverly pull the Korean guard, I was then, the first attention to Wang Shanshan’s position: really carry out the whole audience ah.What is captain?This is called captain.93 minutes, she can’t run out of energy…Just before the New Year, The Chinese women’s football team beat Vietnam 3-1 to qualify for the World Cup.(Sorry if this reminds you of another team’s experience and makes you uncomfortable…)When the New Year came, they beat Japan on penalty kicks and South Korea on penalty kicks.Consecutive reversal of the heart to send people home, what called iron army ah!New Year’s eve, first Asian champion in 16 years.The defensive keeper was brilliant and consistent, including the pressure after 65 minutes.Individual ability on the offensive end and teamwork as a team.Substitution.The strain.A reversal.To beat.Novels don’t even dare make this up.The perfect champion.