In the first month of RCEP implementation, five enterprises in Zhumadian enjoyed policy dividends

2022-06-17 0 By

“With this certificate of origin, the tariff rate of goods after arriving in Japan can be reduced from 3.3% to 3%.In the first year when RCEP came into effect, the company could pay nearly 10,000 yuan less customs duties in Japan for its exports.”On February 17, the manager of Henan Sanming Food Co., Ltd. expressed his excitement as he calculated the dividends brought by RCEP.Boosted by RCEP’s favorable tariff reduction policy, the company’s exports to Japan are expected to grow by around 10% year-on-year in 2022.As the world’s largest free trade agreement, RCEP is a comprehensive, modern, high-quality and mutually beneficial free trade agreement.The implementation of RCEP will facilitate trade and investment, make industrial and supply chains more integrated, and boost regional investment.The RCEP has not only lowered the cost of tariffs on cross-border trade among its members, but also introduced a series of facilitation measures, such as the system of independent declaration of origin for approved exporters, which embodies the concept of corporate credit management advocated by ALL RCEP members. It will effectively reduce compliance costs for enterprises and make customs clearance easier.In order to ensure RCEP implementation and help enterprises seize RCEP opportunities, Zhumadian Customs held an online publicity meeting in a timely manner to answer questions on tariff concessions, certificate of origin declaration and other issues concerned by enterprises.Use a single window platform to push the latest agreement policies to enterprises in a timely manner.Sort out common and difficult problems and print them into pamphlets and put them on the business site. Conduct one-to-one counseling at the window.We will pay close attention to the visa status of the certificate of origin in the member countries where the AGREEMENT has entered into force, and return phone calls to enterprises that can apply for RCEP certificates but have not, to understand the reasons for their failure to apply and guide them to apply.It is reported that since the implementation of RCEP, Zhumadian Customs issued the first RCEP certificate of origin for Henan Sanming Food Co., LTD.By the “full moon” effective from February 1, Zhumadian Customs has issued 12 RCEP certificates of origin with a visa value of 5,242,200 yuan, and it is expected that enterprises can enjoy a tariff reduction of 26,000 yuan.In recent years, the import and export of Zhumadian foreign trade has developed rapidly, and there are nearly a thousand enterprises with import and export qualifications. At present, there are five high-quality enterprises in Zhumadian, such as Zhongzia Zhengda, Sanming Food and Omeilun bags, enjoying the RCEP policy dividend.Zhumadian customs director, said the next step will be in conjunction with the commerce authorities continue to sync with optimal management and convenient customs clearance, policy to preach, constantly explore new mechanism and new mode, giving full play to the advantages of the RCEP policy, assigned to the foreign trade enterprise to seize RCEP new opportunities, enhance the level of cross-border trade facilitation and enhance the level of open type system and promote the development of zhumadian foreign trade import and export of high quality.