An Asian Cup, cried Huang Jianxiang in public, China women’s football team in the end what touching spirit?

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The Chinese women’s football team outperformed themselves to win the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup, which ended on February 6.Huang Jianxiang, who lost his voice when Italy won the World Cup, once again slipped into an emotional abyss and choked up, while his commentary partner Xu Yang was also in tears.Because of the men’s football team’s failure in the World Cup qualifier, the Chinese women’s football team’s victory this time shocked the hearts of the fans. When Xiao Yuyi scored at the final whistle, I don’t know how many people shouted in front of the TV, how many people danced and beat their chests in their living rooms!Sonorous roses bloom again.Ranked fourth in Asia and the culmination of the Asian Cup, The Chinese women’s football team’s victory was both unexpected and predictable.Unexpected is China’s counter attack, the top three in Japan, Australia, and north Korea, north Korea because of special prevention policy did not participate in the Asian cup, the Australian team for grouping reason not against China, but the Chinese team directly turned Asia ranked first in Japan, so as to enter the finals, this is unexpected.And expected, this is the Chinese women’s football team has a consistent sonorous rose spirit, this spirit let The Chinese women’s football team has the possibility of counterattack, and finally also wish to succeed.Lao Yan here to sort out the spiritual connotation of Chinese women’s football, mainly including the following three aspects.The first, of course, is the players’ unabashed and long-sought patriotism.Head coach Shui Qingxia’s years as a player were the formative years of the Sonorous Rose spirit, which went all the way to the 1999 World Cup final, losing in a penalty shootout and finishing runner-up.Since then, the whole country has seen and been moved by the spirit of women’s football.And for this spirit, the media with sonorous rose four words to express, Lao Yan here simply named sonorous rose spirit.And patriotic spirit is sonorous rose spirit direct embodiment.This session of sonorous roses, the spirit of women’s football has a direct inheritance, which is highlighted in the spirit of patriotism.In the Olympic Games, Tang was not included in the squad, and the media later revealed that she volunteered to play in the chat, directly indicating that she wanted to contribute to the national team.Whether there is a reason why she didn’t make the Olympic team in the end is not a question for us to discuss.We need to talk about the attitude of the players.In Lao Yan’s circle, Lao Yan called Li Jiayue the first central defender in China, some of the taste of joking, because she is China’s first central defender in the end, not Lao Yan can assert.At the National Games, Li’s Shanghai team reached the final, which li told the media showed she was China’s best centre-back, yet she was not included in the Olympic list.It is still the same saying that whether Li Jiayue is the best centre-back of Chinese women’s football team is not the issue I want to discuss here. This attitude of actively hoping to serve the country is the representative of the spirit of women’s football team and reflects the idea of patriotism.Here’s another material.Shen Mengyu, a European player who did not make the national team, posted a video of herself watching the penalty shootout between the national team and Japan on we-media. When Wang shanshan scored the last penalty, she was equally excited and danced around the room.It’s a sign of national honor.In the women’s football girls, always reflect the feelings and actions of serving the country.Patriotism is a noble spirit and also the basic idea of promoting the struggle of women’s football team.Solving the concept of national honor in football team and setting up the idea of winning glory for the country in football team is the basic for the success of women’s football team construction.The second aspect is the strong collectivism spirit.As we all know, since the 1990s, Chinese women’s football team has had almost no shortage of stars, even world-class ones.There is Sun Wen in front, Wang Shuang in the middle, Tang Jiali in the rear, and at the same time in the current team, this is the team’s luck, the fans’ luck.Although it is worth discussing whether The Chinese women’s football team should have stars or not, what we can see from this women’s football team, no matter big stars or young children, are equally important in status and role, providing equal support and cooperation to each other on the field.In the era of Chinese revolution, there was a vivid metaphor: a chopstick is easy to break, but a chopstick cannot be broken.When the women’s soccer team forms a handful of chopsticks, that toughness and rigidity is evident, dominating the field and making it impossible for opponents to break through one by one.The reason that can form this kind of chopstick spirit is not only because the girls recognize each other, especially the noble quality of recognizing the importance of different players, but also because they have a common thought and a common goal.The goal is to win the Asian Cup directly and figuratively, and to build a solid collective and an unsinkable aircraft carrier to become the strength and image of the country.Football stars can be irreplaceable sometimes.Lao Yan has not kept statistics on how many of China’s goals are tied to Wang, but fans know that the diminutively small woman from Wuhan is a goal-scoring powerhouse who is either scoring or creating goals for her teammates.When she wasn’t on the court, however, there was a lack of the star, perhaps, but more of a unifying presence.Lao Yan was deeply impressed by Tang’s two goals, one was a long shot, one was a stop, dial, shot three linkage, all contained considerable technical content in it, is some men’s football team can not reach, is the star performance.However, when playing against Japan, the star did the most tiring work, attacking the front court, defending the back court, her ponytail waving all over the court.So she made two mistakes in the final that Lao Yan discussed with her fans that she might have been too tired in the last match.The third is the spirit of never giving up.As long as the friends who watched the game, must be impressed.The last three games were all reversals, so That Lao Yan joked with his friend, “Does the coaching team only train according to reversals?”Every time we go behind, especially when we concede a goal in a crucial game, everyone may have a little bit of a wobble, but in the end we can throw everything away, focus on the game, believe in our team and ability, and come back.If Lao Yan said it was a miracle, I wonder if my friends would agree.Three reversals, all very different.It was a mistake to concede the ball against Vietnam, the girls are confident to get it back and the fans are confident as well.But against our superior Team, Japan, two goals were conceded, two comebacks, the last comeback, a goal in the last minute of extra time, and the fans’ sinking hearts were suddenly washed, polished, and fished out, and they couldn’t help cheering.And the penalty shootout winner, basically looks like a given.The turnaround in the final, that was a super spin.If Lao Yan can stick to the final, it will be a great success for Chinese women’s football team. Even if they don’t win the final, they will have no regrets.For them, as long as there is still a chance of winning the championship, they must strive for it and maximize the chance.When this probability becomes the result of the time, the whole country jubilation, Huang Jianxiang tears, this is not a baptism of the hearts of the fans, an incentive?That’s what the mind does.The Chinese sports circle has the spirit of women’s volleyball, which has risen to the national spirit and the spirit of the Chinese nation.Friends think, the sonorous rose spirit of women’s soccer, calculate is the national spirit?