Authentic Dong wedding in Guizhou

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Guizhou rural millennium invariable wedding customs two glutinous rice to greet the bride Guizhou folk customs have a unique style.The dong people in qiandongnan, Guizhou province have many customs to get married, among which glutinous rice cloth shoes are the most interesting, which is an indispensable ceremony to welcome the bride.Guizhou province is located in the southwest of China. It has a warm and moist climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. Although the weather in Guizhou is always sunny for three days and the ground is never three miles flat, the traffic conditions have been greatly improved and People’s Daily travel is very convenient.In recent years, the tourism industry in Guizhou has developed rapidly, and the diversified culture has become a name card of Guizhou. In addition, the ethnic minorities represented by the Miao nationality have also shown their national style in the new era, enabling people from all over the country to feel the humanistic charm of Guizhou.Today, brother Niu tells everyone about the most distinctive Dong wedding, one of the rites, is glutinous rice and cloth shoes.The Dong ethnic group in Guizhou has its unique features, especially the differences before and after the wedding make many people feel incredible, but it is reasonable to think about it.In the morning of the second day of the wedding, the midwife will send the bride back to her mother’s home, and live in her mother’s home for 1-3 years, and then move to her husband’s home.This means that the daughter should repay her parents for raising her and that the daughter is not “water that has been poured out”.Before the 1970s, the bride must wear straw sandals when getting married, not because the family conditions are not good enough to wear good shoes, but straw sandals have secrets.Generally speaking, the production of wedding sandals will be used in the last year dried glutinous rice straw, this grass soft does not tie the skin, the key is that it is easy to wear, just to meet the specific needs.After the 1980s, cloth shoes were gradually replaced.After preparing glutinous rice grass, we must let the old people in the village who are full of children and grandchildren weave it by hand, so as to bring a better life to the bride and her in-laws.The bride puts on sandals, walks to her in-laws’ house for the reception, and walks back again early the next morning.At this point, the bride’s parents take off the sandals and show them to the village elderly gentleman, who watches the worn parts of the sandals, such as the heel, toe or vamp, to predict the bride’s future fortune and fortune.Glutinous rice straw shoes are good luck, so in essence, it is a good wish from the older generation to the new couple, but in a more distinctive way.Today, the traditional custom of white glutinous rice straw shoes is still preserved.Like friends, welcome to guizhou qiandongnan village tour, hospitable boys and girls waiting for you.