Heavy snow on yaxi highway, traffic control has been implemented

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Liangshan communist youth league has attitude has temperature has you have me, according to @ ya climbing high-speed traffic police about 17 February 5, because iasi highway drag osan period of continuous snow and pavement temperature drops, in order to ensure traffic safety, high speed six branch of public security through field survey and analysis to, at 18:30 for iasi highway traffic control: chengdu to xichang direction: 1.Yingjing shunting Chengdu to Xichang direction of all trucks (except pickup trucks).2. Divert all vehicles from Chengdu to Xichang direction.Xichang to Chengdu direction: 1. Yihai diversion xichang to Chengdu direction all vehicles.2. Lugu, Dechang according to the actual situation according to the instruction requirements of the echelon shunting xichang to Chengdu direction of vehicles.Toll station: Ying Jing, Longcanggou, Jiuxiang, Han Source, asbestos control to xichang direction of all vehicles.All incoming vehicles at Li Tse Ping, Meng Siu Shing and Yi Hoi Toll Points.Tollbooths south of Yihai take control measures according to the situation of cascade diversion.Please plan your itinerary and route according to the actual situation.Source journal editing | PPL in current school whose | | liangshan lai small weibo | @ liangshan communist youth league trill number: 991347269 well quickly:968066644 Collection of The Communist Youth League Liangshan State Committee wechat, weibo, Tik Tok, Kuahandi ~ about learning experience, life perception, work thinking, reading notes, travel logs, small video and other aspects.Your story, we want to hear it!Welcome to contribute to liangshan Small Fire group ~ email: 1152896760@qq.com Contact: 0834 — 2180521