“Huimin Station” is not closed, Huizhou is full of “home”

2022-06-18 0 By

“Rest up and drive home in two hours!”On the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, at the Lilinnan gas station in The Huizhou section of the Yong-Guan Expressway, truck driver Liu took his toiletries and walked into the “Huimin Station” here. He was ready to wash away his fatigue with a hot bath and set off home again for the Lunar New Year.Liu, a native of Shandong province, has lived in Guangzhou for many years.Relying on a heavy truck, he supported his family by ferrying deliveries between Guangzhou and Chaozhou.This year, it is the second year that he spent New Year’s Eve on the road. “At the end of January, I finished delivering the last batch of goods to Chaozhou. Unexpectedly, there were many cars on the way back, so I missed the New Year’s Eve.”Master Liu frowned and shook his head, saying that in the days on the road, the gas station on the highway was his “temporary home” everywhere.Among these “temporary homes,” Liu’s favorite is lilin station, “where you can take a hot bath, wash clothes, and have a sofa upstairs to rest your feet and sleep.”Liu said that last night he came to this station to rest, here is the company’s fleet of “fixed point” repair, complete equipment, convenient service.Sinopec Leilin service area chief Chen Yongbo told reporters, here’s “Huimin Station” also called truck driver home, in the year before the establishment of a shower room and laundry, with a number of washing machines, dryer and shower;On this basis, the rest area on the second floor was completed last year, which can provide hot water and sofas for drivers to relax.”This Spring Festival, we launched a special ‘warm feeling station’ service.”Chen yongbo introduced that the Special service for the Spring Festival is aimed at drivers who stick to their posts during the holidays. All truck drivers who come to the Courier station can receive love meal coupons at the Courier station, with which they can order meals in the restaurant of the service area for free.It is understood that “Huimin Post Station” is led by the Huizhou Federation of Trade Unions and is an important measure to care for new forms of labor, which has been listed in the city’s “Doing practical things and opening new Bureau, ten benefits action” one of the key livelihood projects.Up to now, huizhou has built 130 “Huimin Station” and 50 “parking area”, among which there are 12 “Huimin Station” (truck driver’s home) for truck drivers.”Benefiting the people post” construction, to solve the Courier delivery, take-away rider, mesh about car drivers, sanitation workers and other outdoor workers, in drinking water, eating, toilet, rest, and the urgent need of charging the mobile phone, wireless Internet access, etc, also solved the lorry drivers on the road, take a bath, laundry, meals, and rest, and other practical problems,Get through to serve the worker masses “the last kilometer”.During the Spring Festival, these “Huimin relay stations” did not close, and many of them also launched the Spring Festival warm heart service, which became the warmest harbor for many new forms of labor in Huizhou during the Spring Festival.(Credit: Southplus)