Men strayed into the west town of high-speed walking squadron police enthusiastic rescue

2022-06-18 0 By

At 10:45 on February 17, shangluo city high traffic brigade Xi Town squadron on duty police patrol to Baomao High Speed Zhashui overpass found a man in the emergency lane walking in reverse, the situation of emergency danger.The police immediately pulled over the police car, opened the danger alarm flash, siren, remind the driver to pay attention to slow down to avoid, then with the police car to the man to tussah water toll station outside the safe position.After a simple exchange, I found that this person could not speak clearly, there are communication barriers, their name and home address can not say.Later through the local police station police help to find, contacted the man’s mother, the squadron police safely handed the man to his mother, and told it about the pedestrian on the highway this dangerous behavior will cause serious consequences, she thanked the police to help her son sincerely.Due to the timely assistance of the high-speed traffic police, the man’s safety was effectively protected, reflecting the selfless love of the high-speed traffic police to the masses, and practicing the purpose of serving the people.At the same time to eliminate the potential road safety hidden trouble, to ensure the safety of the highway smooth.