Zhengzhou: “open the door” can red?

2022-06-18 0 By

At noon, in zhengzhou this commercial street, people are coming and going, in the words of a merchant, “is really visible to the naked eye, more and more people”, where is this?Here is Dehua underground commercial pedestrian street, which is the largest underground commercial street in Zhengzhou.After the Spring Festival, the shops here opened early for business. Although all the shops in the commercial street are small, the author hardly found the situation of closing down or shutting down at the scene, and few shops were transferred, only a small number of shops were being renovated.The merchants of underground commercial pedestrian street are mainly engaged in clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and other businesses, which are mainly faced by young consumers.Due to the proximity of the railway station, Erqi Square, Yinji, subway station and other crowded areas, the commercial street has been a considerable passenger flow since it was put into use.After the Spring Festival, especially from last weekend, the passenger flow of the commercial street has risen rapidly. Although it is not as good as the same period in previous years, considering the factors such as the opening of the university, it is expected that in the next Three and April, with the warm weather, the passenger flow here will have a lot of room for growth.Last year “720” flood, dehua underground commercial street is one of the most severely affected commercial facilities in Zhengzhou.”Dare not think, too scary, people are ok, but the goods in the store are flooded”, a mobile phone shell business about the scene of the disaster, so far with lingering fear, later, and because of the impact of the epidemic, his store and many times closed shop, business has not been years ago, “mainly fewer people”.The merchant told me that after the flood, he applied for the corresponding insurance compensation. Later, the relevant government departments also cut taxes and fees, which “helped us tide over the difficulties”.For this year’s business prospects, the merchant is confident, “according to the current situation, as long as the flow of people, there must be business, this year will be stronger than last year!”It is understood that at present, the commercial street underground two floors are still in repair, temporarily not open, in addition, the surrounding erji square underground project is also under construction, is expected to be completed before the end of the year, the future, the business environment here will certainly be better.Small businesses reflect the big economy, a busy shop, the boss, customers are smiling, we together “good start”, “red throughout the year”!