A supermarket in Shanghai has raised the price of cabbages by as much as 73.21 yuan a head, market regulators said

2022-06-19 0 By

At seven o ‘clock, according to zhongxin Jingwei news, the market supervision department recently received a weibo public opinion: Netizens posted the “sky-high cabbage”, the price of a cabbage was as high as 73.21 yuan.Law enforcement officers were immediately dispatched to the public opinion involved in Shanghai Qingping highway a supermarket inspection.According to the investigation, the cabbage sold by the party was 19.98 yuan/kg, but the sale price of cabbage sold on March 29 was 33.8 yuan/kg through the sales records, which was far higher than the highest price difference of the same product sold in the trading place within 7 days before March 19, 2022 (including the same day).