From now on, Zhengzhou uses the new energy pure electric henan AA section number plate

2022-06-19 0 By

On March 16, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Traffic police detachment that the city’s new energy vehicles have reached 178,000 vehicles, including 138,000 small pure electric vehicles. In accordance with the new energy pure electric vehicle licensing rules, Yuad small pure electric new energy license resources are facing exhaustion.From now on, the new energy pure electric henan AA section number plate will be officially opened.In recent years, zhengzhou city continues to hinder growth, the growth of new energy vehicles is also very quickly, so far, the city of zhengzhou new energy car ownership has amounted to 178000 vehicles, including small pure electric vehicles 138000 vehicles, according to new energy pure electric motor vehicle plate and distribute rule, and AD small electric new energy plate resources are exhausted.In order to meet the needs of the people for motor vehicle registration and better serve the economic and social development, the Traffic Police Detachment of Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has been approved by the superior in accordance with the Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration and the Notice on Standardizing and Improving the Management of Motor Vehicle Plate issued by the Ministry of Public Security.On March 16, Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment vehicle Administration office officially opened the new energy pure electric henan AA number plate.At this stage, the small pure electric new energy vehicles that meet the registration, transfer registration and transfer registration in Zhengzhou city can choose Henan AA new energy plate.The application of the national unified vehicle plate selection system to issue plates, all YuAA new energy plates, in line with the principle of fairness and openness, and the existing remaining YuAD new energy plates into the selection system, by the system automatically random number section.There are two ways for the public to choose a number plate. One is to choose a number plate by “50 to one” in the business hall of the DMV and each service station.Second, through the Internet 122 platform, mobile phone APP 12123 to take “50 to choose one” and “self-compiled and self-selected” way to select the number plate.After the use of new energy pure electric henan AA number plate, will also use Yu AB, Yu AC, Yu AE number plate;Similarly, after the use of yuAF segment of plug-in hybrid new energy plate, yuAG, YUAH, YUAJ, and YuAK segment plate will be successively used.(Zhang Yudong, Zhengguan News reporter)