Is Naza getting rid of the sassy girlfriend?

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In the new film Don’t Forget I Love You, starring Gulinaza and Lau Yihao, which will be released on February 14 this valentine’s Day, naza slapping her face in the trailer has surprised everyone.In the film, Liu Yihao’s hero Lu Yao wakes up every day forgetting what happened yesterday, and Naza’s girlfriend Xu Xingyue never leaves her boyfriend after he loses his memory. Therefore, the slap scene may be Xing Yue’s attempt to help Lu Yao recover his memory, rather than an argument between them.This is the third time that Naza and Liu Yihao cooperate together, the tacit understanding of two people is self-evident, play couples very comfortable, on the set is a collision out of a lot of sparks, I believe they interpreted this romantic feelings and moving.In the past to leave sweet sister impression of na Za, this time in the film interpretation of the girls in love encounter special circumstances of the persistence of love, let a person can not help but for the brave chase love Xu Xingyue call!”For lu Yao, the hero who lost his short-term memory, every day is like a day to restart his computer, and all the strange things around him make him lack of security.His girlfriend Xu Xingyue did not give up their love because of this, she every day through a variety of ways to let Lu Yao “re” in love with her.In this “will be forgotten every day” in love, Star Yue and Lu Yao constantly experience the understanding and love, na Za and Liu Yihao interpretation also let the couple get along with sugar content is more and more high, with the development of the plot, we also want to know whether Lu Yao finally fully restored memory.Xing Yue and Lu Yao every day to get along is like a couple of dates again and again, in the film naza’s modeling can be called a girl dating makeup hair textbook.Dragon beard bang hangs naturally at two sides, show the tall ponytail with much hair amount nifty has vigor, the wild eyebrow that maintains eyebrow natural form appears makeup feeling more natural, lively modelling as if returns to student times.Comb languid and casual half ball head, besmear rose lip color, who see not heart?Mellow and full meatball head let back and side yan are very extra points, elegant and gentle, temperament this completely hold!”The sense of security in love comes from naza, who plays a touching love and insists on her love in life.She once mentioned her love concept of “snail noodles taste” in a variety show. She doesn’t care too much about others’ opinions in her relationship. As long as she likes her partner, she is willing to be with him.Being in control of your relationship, rather than being dictated by what someone else says, can lead to greater happiness than listening to someone else.Naza is insecure in her own right, so she tries to feel secure in relationships.After determining each other is in love, she is willing to give each other commitment, but also hope that two people can love to grow old, this is also a lot of girls yearn for love.Out of the play and the play of the star Yue, are people who believe in love.Again and again to arouse the memory of lovers, cherish the two people get along with every minute and every second, always stick to the promise of love, will be gentle love.If you were Xu Xingyue in the movie, would you like to accompany your lover to “go back to yesterday” and then walk together to tomorrow?Photo credit: Sina Weibo