“Qing” will do its best to fight “epidemic” with me!

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Party referred to is dominating the league flag in the face of the current epidemic prevention and control point sends out the serious situation of zhengzhou, jiaozuo, zhoukou, luohe fulfillment of the communist youth league organizations at all levels to know duty responsibilities and actively as rapidly into epidemic prevention and control in the war the communist youth league of zhengzhou zhengzhou entrusted with high position, fast action and strict style of work resolute for epidemic prevention and control, orderly participation and epidemic prevention work,The youth League organizations at all levels of the city were mobilized and deployed immediately, and the youth League committees of the development zones, counties and urban areas immediately issued recruitment orders for young volunteers.A total of 21 Youth Civilization banners, 130 youth commandos and 4,619 young volunteers were organized and mobilized to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control volunteer services based on the actual needs of the communities they live in, fully demonstrating their youthful responsibility.Left: Young volunteers participating in nucleic acid testing right: nucleic acid testing registration and on-site order maintenance Left: Participating in code sweep registration for entering and leaving the community of epidemic disease right: delivering vegetables to your door left: Participating in nucleic acid testing right:Of patrol propaganda teams to carry out the epidemic prevention and control knowledge propaganda, since the outbreak of each wing development zones, and youth league organizations at all levels, cadres and members of the youth in order to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, among them, the need to participate in community 1218 person-time, participate in thermometer registered 1047 person-time, participate in information check 1228 person-time, participate in household screening 966 person-time,966 people delivered vegetables to their homes and 6,748 people took part in nucleic acid testing.Service center of zhengzhou municipal committee of the communist youth league, 12355 teenagers in a timely manner to carry out the hotline answer personnel issues related knowledge training of epidemic diseases, epidemic policy changes, what help call consulting adolescents and parents in a timely manner to understand the epidemic prevention and control of the relevant policies and knowledge, so as to provide reliable and epidemic prevention information to the caller and powerful psychological support,To help the public eliminate the tension and panic caused by the epidemic, and strengthen the psychological defense of epidemic prevention.Jiaozuo when epidemic prevention and control of the first assembly blew, the communist youth league jiaozuo municipal party committee issued an urgent remind initiative and epidemic prevention, and mobilize the broad masses of cadres, youth league, volunteer, give full play to its youth does not fear endures hardship, dedicated spirit, quickly set up more than 60 youth “epidemic” commandos, more than 2800 young volunteers comprehensive in epidemic prevention and control work.Youth volunteer in highway and epidemic prevention bayonet sanitizers and comprehensive disinfection youth volunteer in communities, villages nucleic acid detection point in the whole city various counties (city, area) the bayonet highway epidemic prevention, youth volunteers every day wearing protective clothing, wearing goggles and masks for unattended, sometimes carrying 25 kg xiaosha machine, to kill and epidemic prevention bayonet thoroughly disinfected;In each community and village epidemic prevention card point, young volunteers strictly implement the working process of scanning code, measuring temperature, classifying registration and strict control;In a nucleic acid detection point, youth volunteers are already in place, light handling supplies, set the one-meter line, temperature measurement, information collection, personnel dismissal, maintain public order, special group care, work earnestly shoulder the nucleic acid detection “narrator” “channel member” guides “, “put the league flag, youth commando” epidemic “flag in the prevention and control at the grass-roots level the first line,Firmly build a “defense line of life”.Luo river in the face of the sudden outbreak, the communist youth league municipal committee of the luo river to act quickly, to guide the city youth league organizations at all levels do a good job in epidemic prevention and control at the same time release the epidemic prevention and control in suzhou, called on the city’s youth league organizations at all levels, the youth social organizations, members of the youth, and youth volunteer in epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels under the guidance of, do a good job in their own protection, actively participate in epidemic prevention and control.More than 600 youth league organizations have been involved in community epidemic prevention and control, with more than 2,000 league cadres fighting on the front line, and more than 4,700 youth league members participating in voluntary epidemic prevention and control services, contributing their efforts in centralized isolation points, nucleic acid testing, checkpoint duty, personnel information registration, psychological counseling and other posts.Meanwhile, centering on the epidemic prevention needs of Linying County, the Communist Youth League luohe Municipal Committee called on the Youth Federation, Youth Enterprise Association, Youth Volunteers Association and other social organizations to actively collect epidemic prevention materials. Up to now, more than 80,000 masks, 50 boxes of disinfectant, 92 sets of protective clothing, and 300 pieces of food have been collected, which strongly support the epidemic prevention work.Zhoukou, zhoukou, the communist youth league municipal party committee in the face of the epidemic situation of complex, the first response, to make full use of its advantages in organizing, planning as a whole, youth league organizations at all levels, the young volunteers association and social organization do cities and counties in the country level 4 delegations of upper and lower linkage, left and right sides together, both inside and outside interaction, using group WeChat, platforms such as weibo and volunteers WeChat group,Timely and accurate release of authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control, strengthen publicity and interpretation of epidemic policies, and encourage young people from all walks of life to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control services.Above: Caring enterprises donate caring materials and epidemic prevention materials for frontline volunteers. Below: Check and register foreign vehicles.Youth volunteers cooperate with the community to carry out the nucleic acid testing so far, 185, youth volunteer organization youth volunteer service, 7467 people, after receiving specification training to fight disease, orderly participation nucleic acid detection, community screening, isolation on duty, information registration, telephone follow-up, crossing the epidemic prevention and control, such as volunteer services, provide services to 1.16 million hours.Young people from all walks of life in Zhoukou hold up flags, show their identities and make contributions in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and give full play to the role of youth League organizations as fresh troops and commandos, which shows the good spirit and strong responsibility of young people in Zhoukou.Transporting medical equipment for mobile Makeshift hospitals