Us lawmakers clamoring to abandon Ukraine and focus on China;White House: Speak for Russia

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New Delhi: In a speech in India, The German Navy’s director general Wolfgang Schoenbach called on the West to give Respect and recognition to Vladimir Putin, while also calling for an alliance with Russia against China.However, Schoenbach was forced to resign due to the pressure of public opinion because he made such a statement at the wrong time.Schoenbach’s experience is still fresh in our minds. Some anti-China politicians in the United States have repeated his mistake and staged a farce in the American political arena that made Both China and Russia speechless.Joe Biden should drop his support for Ukraine and improve relations with Russia, Republican Congressman Mark Hawley said in a recent interview, Shanghai News reported Wednesday.He argued that supporting Ukraine’s membership of NATO would distract the US military from confronting China in the Indo-Pacific.Hawley is a notorious anti-China politician in the US. He has repeatedly interfered in China’s internal affairs with wild rhetoric, openly supported separatist forces in China, and is also one of the prime movers behind the planting of Novel Coronavirus onto China.Despite criticism for his comments, Hawley took to social media to stand by his view that the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO would hurt U.S. interests and that Washington must focus on Dealing with China.The reason why The German politician Schoenberg was forced to resign is not that he did not do his best in anti-China, nor that his views on “united Russia against China” did not meet the taste of western public opinion.What doomed Mr Schoenbach’s political life was his overtures to Russia, which were particularly jarring in the west amid a thick anti-Russian haze.So he paid a huge price for breaking the rules of western “political correctness”.When the West focuses on attacking China, its political ecological environment is bound to be filled with anti-China atmosphere, and anti-China remarks are naturally popular at this time.Conversely, when the West concentrates its firepower on Russia, it is easier for speculative politicians to make anti-Russian statements.Therefore, it is inevitable that Schoenbach, who has no vision, “goes against the trend” in the anti-Russian political atmosphere in the West, and is pushed to the forefront by public opinion, thus ruining his political career.Schoenbach’s retrograde end in Germany does not seem to have taught Hawley a lesson.On the contrary, this anti-China politician challenged the rules of “political correctness” in the US, with tragic results.In response to Hawley’s “Pro-Russian” comments, a White House spokesman said that hawley’s views were “aiding Russia’s voice,” “spreading Russian disinformation,” and “a departure from the values that have long been shared by both the ruling and opposition parties in the United States,” according to’s Pro-Russian comments were attacked not only by the White House but also by western public opinion.They consider Hawley to be one of America’s “top scum” and a boastful liar.This evil must be made public for all to see and be ashamed of.The Guardian took hawley to the extreme, branding her anti-American.Like Schoenbach, Hawley argues that Ukraine is of little strategic or economic value to the United States, and that the United States has more to lose than to gain by standing up to Russia over Ukraine.So Hawley hopes Biden will drop his support for Ukraine in order to improve RELATIONS with Russia and save the U.S. from being trapped in a two-front war so that he can focus more resources and energy on China.In fact, the so-called “alliance with Russia against China” is a widespread view in the United States, especially the previous Trump administration, which has seriously considered the feasibility of this strategy.But America’s dysfunctional political ecology does not allow any politician to break its rules of political correctness.Anyone who breaks it should pay for it, and Holly is clearly no exception.Mr Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan has led to widespread scepticism among Western Allies about the reliability of America’s so-called “security commitment”.The failure of the Afghan strategy has damaged America’s image and influence in the international community as never before.So By encouraging the Biden administration to improve relations with Russia and abandon Ukraine as it abandoned the previous administration in Afghanistan, Hawley is putting the United States back in the position of being unkind to its Allies.In such circumstances, even though Washington’s elite knows it may be in America’s best interests, it would be anti-American to do so, for the sake of America’s standing among its Allies.At a time when the West sees Russia as an “enemy”, Schoenbach’s advocacy of “alliance with Russia against China” in Germany was branded as “Pro-Russian” and ruined his political career.Hawley, who was aware of Schoenberg’s example, continued to “spread false information for Russia”. As a result, he was not only criticized by western media, but also might be forced to resign as Schoenberg did.