Just now, the latest release!Jintai District of Baoji city and Tongchuan City resumed production and life in an orderly manner

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Just!In light of the current epidemic prevention and control situation and in order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, the following announcement is hereby made on the implementation of differentiated differentiated epidemic prevention and control by region: 1. Orderly lifting of the closure administration of communities (villages) and units.The existing containment areas, control areas, home quarantine personnel and home medical observation objects shall be strictly implemented in accordance with relevant regulations before being lifted.Other communities (villages) and units shall be lifted from the date of the announcement.After the cancellation, residents of communities (villages) and units going out for the first time must check negative nucleic acid tests on March 23 and 24.Those who do not have a negative nucleic acid test certificate shall be temporarily quarantined at home and shall not go out until the community has arranged nucleic acid test.Express delivery, take-out delivery, etc. in the community (village), the unit of the implementation of non-contact distribution.The community team will continue to perform their duties according to the original working mechanism, strictly manage the access of community personnel, and continue to do a good job in ensuring the livelihood of the masses.Two, orderly return to normal travel.People in the city should carry shaanxi Health place code green code to travel normally.When entering The city, the provincial foreign treasure returning personnel and the municipal treasure returning personnel with confirmed cases in the province shall hold the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours, and take a free nucleic acid test immediately upon arrival. After that, they shall arrive at the destination point-to-point, and shall not participate in gathering activities before the test results are released.3. Orderly resumption of motor vehicle passage.Buses, passenger lines and chartered buses in the region will resume operation at 50% capacity first.Passengers on public transport vehicles, taxis and online hailing in the area should take good personal protection, strictly implement the code scanning inspection system, and do a good job of ventilation and regular disinfection of vehicles.Sharing seats is strictly prohibited in taxi area.4. Orderly resumption of business in commercial public places.Public places such as farmers’ markets, pharmacies, wholesale markets, shopping malls and supermarkets should resume business under the precondition of strictly implementing normal epidemic prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, 48-hour nucleic acid negative verification, and keeping a safe distance.Indoor scenic spots, cultural museums, cinemas and theatres, Internet cafes, bars, public baths, bath centers, foot bath shops and other closed leisure and entertainment venues will continue to suspend business.Catering service units (including food sales units that provide in-house meals) continue to suspend in-house meals, and can provide in-store pickup and take-out ordering services.5. Resume offline teaching in an orderly manner.Primary, middle and primary schools and kindergartens that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control will resume offline teaching in an orderly manner after assessment by regional education departments, strictly implement the morning and afternoon check-up system for teachers and students, and insist on nucleic acid testing for teachers, students and staff at a rate of 20 percent every day.Off-campus trusteeship institutions and offline education and training institutions continue to suspend operations.Sixth, continue to strengthen the control of gathering activities.Large-scale offline events and forums will not be held in the near future, and mass activities will be strictly controlled to reduce gatherings.Citizens are urged not to gather, gather or eat together.7. Medical institutions should strictly follow the working procedures of pre-examination and triage and fever clinics, promote time-sharing appointment for diagnosis and treatment, strictly manage visitation and accompanying care, strengthen health management and monitoring of medical staff, carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff once a day, and strictly prevent cross-infection in hospitals.Medical institutions without fever clinics shall not receive patients with fever.8. In key places such as elderly care institutions, welfare homes, prisons, detention centers, mental health institutions and treatment centers, closed management should be maintained, video visitation should be encouraged, and daily prevention and control work such as personnel protection, health monitoring, ventilation and disinfection should be strengthened.9. Nucleic acid test screening will continue to be carried out once a day in centralized isolation points, containment and control areas, as well as people under home quarantine and home medical observation, and nucleic acid test screening will be carried out on a regular basis for 21 key groups of people.10. To consciously abide by the city’s epidemic prevention and control work deployment, and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing screening;Adhere to wear masks, wash hands frequently, often ventilation, often disinfection, use chopsticks, “one meter noodles” and other health habits;Do a good job of self-health monitoring. If you have any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, go to the nearest medical institution with fever clinic immediately, wear a mask during the whole medical treatment, and avoid taking public transportation.All towns, streets, communities (villages), departments and units in the region should promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in a coordinated manner, strictly implement the responsibilities of governments at all levels, industrial departments, units and individuals and families for self-management, and adhere to the requirement of “four early hours”.Those who fail to fulfill their responsibilities and cause serious consequences will be held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.This circular will take effect at 12 o ‘clock on 25 March.According to the press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Tongchuan held on March 25, based on the strict implementation of normal epidemic prevention and control measures and the accurate analysis and judgment of provincial and municipal expert groups,The COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Tongchuan city studied and decided that according to the principle of “classification, step by step, period by period and region by region”, Yijun County has steadily resumed production and life order since March 22, and rural areas in Wangyi and Yaozhou districts have organized spring agricultural production in an orderly manner.At 0 o ‘clock on The 25th, production and life in Wangyi district and Yintai District were restored in an orderly manner.If the nucleic acid test results of yaozhou District and New District are normal today, the production and life order will be restored from 7 o ‘clock on The 26th.On the basis of strict and strict implementation of normal prevention and control measures, the production and life order of Tongchuan city will be restored in an orderly manner: 1. Continue to strictly manage the risk points and isolation sites of containment and unseal them according to procedures.Those who are quarantined at home or in centralized isolation shall be released from lockdown control upon expiration of the quarantine period.Other communities (village groups) strictly implement code scanning, temperature measurement, wearing masks and other prevention and control measures.Express delivery, take-out delivery, etc. shall be delivered without contact at the entrance and exit of the community.Party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions at all levels shall gradually resume normal office order, and shall hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate for 48 hours before taking up a post.Organs, enterprises and institutions to promote the wrong peak dining hall.3. Orderly resumption of motor vehicles, buses, passenger lines and chartered passenger buses within the city operate at 50% capacity.Taxi operating in the city, no sharing seats.Regular epidemic prevention and control measures will be strictly implemented, and passenger health codes and travel codes will be checked.Passengers and passengers entering railway stations and long-distance bus stations should hold negative nucleic acid tests for 48 hours before entering the station.When entering public places, the negative nucleic acid test certificate of 48 hours must be strictly checked.Convenience stores, raw and delicatessens, vegetable and oil stores, barbershops, dry cleaners, agricultural materials sales, banks, e-commerce logistics, warehousing and distribution and communication outlets outside the risk point areas will resume normal business.Catering places can carry out contactless food delivery service through online take-out and other ways, and in-house food will not resume for the time being.The staff in the above industrial sites shall hold the negative proof of nucleic acid test for 48 hours before taking up the post.Shopping malls, supermarkets, outdoor open scenic spots, etc., open and operate in an orderly manner according to 50% carrying capacity;Internet cafes, theaters, KTV, chess and card rooms, baths, foot baths, night markets and other crowded and closed places will not be open for operation for the time being. When epidemic prevention and control and market conditions are mature, the competent authorities of the industry will give separate notice.5. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control shall resume offline teaching in an orderly manner after being evaluated and accepted by the education departments under their jurisdiction. The specific time will be separately notified by the education departments.Before resuming school, schools should carry out comprehensive disinfection and disinfection, and formulate epidemic prevention and control plans in accordance with the requirements of “one local policy” and “one school policy”.Students are required to wear masks all the time in classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other indoor places, and cooks and service staff in school canteens conduct nucleic acid tests every week.We will continue to carry out nucleic acid testing for teachers, students and staff at a rate of 20% every day.All district and county governments and municipal and new district administrative committees should set up free nucleic acid sampling sites in a scientific way and organize teachers and students to carry out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.Tongchuan Vocational and Technical College continues to implement closed management and carry out offline teaching steadily and orderly.Secondary vocational colleges continue to implement the relevant regulations of the provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and implement closed management;All kinds of training institutions continue to suspend offline training.Vi. All secondary and above hospitals in Tongchuan gradually resumed normal medical treatment. Medical service channels were unblocked to meet people’s medical needs and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the “Recent Normal Medical Treatment Instructions for Tongchuan Citizens” issued by the Office of Tongchuan Joint Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on March 18, 2022.Medical institutions at all levels shall not excuse or reject patients on the grounds that they have no nucleic acid test results.7. Strictly implement the requirements of “preventing imported goods”.People from medium-high risk areas will be quarantined for 14 days at their own expense.People returning from counties (cities, districts and banners) in medium-high risk areas shall be quarantined at home for 14 days (starting from leaving the above areas), and nucleic acid tests shall be carried out four times (on days 1, 3, 7 and 13) during the period.For all those who return copper, scan the code at the entrance of copper deposit, measure the temperature, check the health code, travel code and 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate.The copper importers will be provided with a free nucleic acid test on the spot. On the third day, they will take a nucleic acid test on their own initiative and report to the communities (village groups), units and hotels in their respective districts and counties.The abnormal personnel shall be guided by special personnel through special channels and transferred to districts and counties point to point to implement classified control measures.Please take out your mobile phone in advance and prepare for inspection before entering the road control point. Please keep a safe distance when getting off the bus for inspection, wear masks and take good personal protection.8. No gathering activities such as artistic performances, exhibition forums, exhibition and sales promotion will be held, and mass activities such as temple fairs, bazaars and square dances will be suspended. Red events will be postponed, white events will be simplified and banquets will not be held.Nine, the general public to do personal protection, do not cluster, gathered, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste) sleep loss, stuffy nose, runny nose, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, diarrhea, fever clinics should be timely to the medical institutions, try not to take public transportation, avoid travel to high risk areas, not necessary from the city.X. Those who do not actively report or truthfully provide personal information, travel and residence history of medium and high risk, case contact history and other information, which lead to the spread of the epidemic and the failure to cooperate with the epidemic investigation and control work or even obstruct the performance of official duties, will be severely investigated for legal responsibility according to law.This circular will take effect from March 26. The Municipal Headquarters for Joint Epidemic Prevention and Control will dynamically adjust relevant regulations according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and issue them in a timely manner.The general public is requested to earnestly implement personal protection measures, strictly implement the requirements of regular prevention and control, and jointly consolidate the hard-won prevention and control achievements.Tongchuan city will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak zone spreading headquarters on March 25, 2022, tongchuan city tongchuan district for the convenience of the nucleic acid samples list: tongchuan national fitness pavilion east square tongchuan art park north square south the city workers cultural palace square west tongchuan botanical garden square yao obviously: yao state government yong wang yi road tianbao century garden shopping plaza area:Wuyi Railway Station Square hongqi Street Huatian Square Wangjiahe Dongfeng Community Square Huangbao Ciyun Square Yintai District: Sanli Dong Xizheng Square Nanguan Shuguang Furniture Town Beiguan Zhongxing Park Yijun CountyYiyang Middle Street Leisure Square Yiyang North Street Library Square Township health centers and community health service centers of various districts and counties Convenient nucleic acid sampling points Traffic service inspection points convenient nucleic acid sampling points export source: Baoji News