Liu Bang left a way out for Lady Qi, but she refused to go, and was eventually made an adult pig by Empress Lu

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Speaking of Liu Bang, we should all be familiar with him. Although he did nothing in his early years and was even called “rogue”, he stood out from the heroes around the end of the Qin Dynasty and eventually became the founder of the Han Dynasty.Liu Bang, the emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, learned from the lessons of the qin Dynasty and developed the dynasty, which was in ruins and waiting for prosperity. Under his influence, the Han Dynasty continued for thousands of generations.As the saying goes, “The hero is unhappy and the beauty is unhappy.” Liu Bang didn’t have much of a haress, but she was likely to have lu Zhi and Lady Qi, the empress of Lu who could rank with Empress Wu Zetian and the first person to be tortured by a “human pig”.Liu Bang’s rise to prosperity began with the head of the Sishui Pavilion in Peixian County. When liu Bang was young, he went to work for Zhang er.Later, the state of Qin destroyed Liuhe and the state of Wei was destroyed. Zhang Er was wanted by the state of Qin. Liu Bang had to go back to his hometown and became the head of the Sishui Pavilion.In peixian County, Liu Bang was a man of noble character. He was also a well-behaved man. He was able to talk to the magistrate of peixian County.We all know that Liu Bang developed through peasant uprising, but how did a pavilion chief become the leader of peasant uprising army?During one of the transport, half of the prisoners were still missing. Liu Bang thought that there would not be many people left at the destination, so he said to the rest: “You can all run for your lives, and I will go far away too.” Many of these fugitives had nowhere else to go, so they followed Liu Bang.At that time, the uprising of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang happened. People everywhere wanted someone to lead them against the tyranny of Qin. Liu Bang took these people and gradually grew strong enough to compete with Xiang Yu and succeeded in establishing the Han dynasty.Lu Zhi married Liu Bang In history, Lu Zhi was often regarded as an ugly shrew, but sima Qian, such a cruel and merciless person, praised her in records of the Grand Historian.In order to avoid the enemy family, Lu’s father settled down in Peixian county with his family. It is recorded in Records of the Grand Historian that “the powerful officials of Peizhong came to congratulate upon hearing that they had important visitors.When the local powerful officials heard that Lu Gong had been received by the county magistrate, they all came to congratulate him. It was at this “reception banquet” that the little-known Liu Bang was selected by Lu Fu and immediately married his daughter, who was 15 years younger than Liu Bang.A respectable father marries his teenage daughter to a loser in his thirties who spends all his time drinking.Everyone thought Lu Fu was crazy, but he said, “I often read people’s faces. Liu Bang is so handsome that he is not an ordinary person.”It’s not easy for people to interrupt.After lu pheasant marry liu, liu did not cherish the hard-won fate, still just leave lu pheasants and two children together, after he let van prisoners and sinner abscond can bind lu pheasants, in the qin dynasty “even” cruel criminal law, one neighborhood folks are punished less crime is loving husband and wife,Lu Zhi was put into prison for Liu Bang according to the criminal law at that time, and this is just the beginning of Lu Zhi’s suffering.Concubine Qi lu Zhi was captured twice by Liu Bang, and it was liu Bang who got acquainted with Qi’s wife.When the Chu and Han armies fought each other, the Han army led by Liu Bang was routed by the Chu army. Liu Bang mounted his horse and ran for his life. When it was dark, he saw a bright light as if he had grabbed a straw.Liu Bang came to the door before knocking, the old farmer who opened the door found Liu Bang extraordinary appearance let her daughter quickly prepare food, this daughter is Mrs Qi, Liu Bang see Mrs Qi look pretty, the old farmer see then push the boat will marry her daughter to him, that night into the bridal chamber.From now on liu Bang dotes on madam Qi add, the Liu Bang that becomes an emperor is more dote on her exclusively.Bury the root of the curse in ancient times man 3 wife 4 concubine is very normal thing, yellow emperor harem beautiful 3000 again ordinary nevertheless, Liu Bang also more than madam Qi a concubine, why is Empress Lv unluckily cruel and merciless to Madam Qi?When lu pheasants are back after liu bang side thought in the life, but with the new husband side, than a sing this old lu pheasants nature favours and beautiful young lady, she also understand liu’s character and concentrate on raising their two children, a long-term were snubbed emperors have resentment on qi lady but can also maintain a semblance of morons.People always want more when they are content with something.Mrs Qi by liu bang’s favor, ambitions are increased day by day, she should want to liu bang annuls Liu Yingli ru-yi liu for his son prince, prince Edward, liu bang also don’t agree at the beginning, but Mrs Qi blow to persuade me taking briberies in liu ear day and night, tears often cry pear flower take rain, liu bang love dearly unceasingly plus he is to love very to ru-yi liu, gradually move on her mind.After Lv Empress gets this one message, bear a grudge to Madam Qi, had the idea that gets rid of Madam Qi.The re-establishment of the crown prince completely touched the bottom line of the Empress Lu, the replacement of the crown prince also means the replacement of the empress dowager.Fortunately, in the past few years, The painstaking management of the court for Liu Ying laid the foundation, in the minister strongly opposed to replace the prince, Zhang Liang is invited to help Liu Ying Shangshan Sihao, Liu Bang had to give up in order to stabilize the court.There is a road does not go, become human dregs experienced to change prince disturbance liu Bang is well aware after Lv Empress can bear a grudge to Madam Qi mother and child, in the future will certainly undertake to them create difficulties for them, then secretly give Mrs Qi mother and child arrangement way out.He is allusion with lyric first madam Qi does not want to carry the thing that changes prince again, see Empress Lv later want convergence light, serve low do small, Empress Lv can put you a way to live.Madam Qi is determined to fight with Empress Lyui however, still privately raise de palace instead fish algae palace, intend to show off to Empress Lyui himself and Liu Bang concern deep, come Empress Lyui hates Madam Qi more so.Empress Lu sent Fan Kuai, let him secretly kill Lady Qi also asked him not to come back, Liu Bang learned that his good brother Fan Kuai killed, also take this warning empress Lu don’t move a crooked mind.After finishing the first two things, Liu Bang and write to the softhearted Liu Ying let him be sure to save Lady Qi and Liu Ruyi mother and son, and then arrange Liu Ruyi to do the King of The State of Zhao, also sent to help Liu Ying Zhou Chang for him to let them away from the court, Lu Will take into account The face of Zhou Chang let them go.After arranging all this, Liu Bang left the world with peace of mind.Wanna Liu Bangqian calculate calculate not calculate to qi lady would rather die than go to stay in the palace, is the queen mother lu pheasants found the header will she put in prison, for liu surplus to intercede for its sake don’t in her, so far law-abiding members of Mrs Qi can also be in prison after life, but she had “our song” : “the son is king, mother for lu.All day long spring twilight.Often associated with death.Three thousand miles apart, who will tell you?”When he was pounding, he sang to his son in the state of Zhao.Lu felt that Lady Qi was saying that Liu Ruyi would seize the throne sooner or later to save her, and that this pig was likely to be eradicated as soon as possible. She cut off her limbs, cut out her eyes, burned her ears with fire and threw her into a pigsty with dumb medicine.A favorite concubine finally fell a no hands no feet, deaf and dumb and blind end is really just the fault of lu Pheasant ruthless and merciless?