People’s city civilization first | district civilization office visit docking civilization city to create work

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To further implement the area the 11th party congress “to create a national civilized city”, promoting urban civilization and the improvement of citizen civilization quality, district party committee, vice minister of the propaganda department, the civilization office director wang fang Pan Jiaxin deputy director of the government, a line around areas JianGuanWei, district greening bureau, district, district business committee, district traffic police detachment of room canal bureau and other relevant units,Docking the key project of the construction of civilized city district in 2022, and listening to the opinions and suggestions of various units on the construction of civilized city district.Wang fang, points out that create civilized city is a systematic, long-term, arduous project, must firmly establish a “chess” thought, to urban civilization created as, promote the construction of spiritual civilization in this district, as a whole for yangpu overall ascension city soft power, promote the building of city “four high” provide a strong ideological guarantee and powerful spiritual motivation.Wang Fang stressed that we should adhere to overall planning, establish the concept of creating for the people, creating by the people and creating for the benefit of the people, make overall planning of resources and overall strength, strive to give play to the citizens’ sense of “ownership”, and form a work pattern of co-creation and co-construction of civilized urban areas.It is necessary to adhere to problem-oriented, combined with the large-scale visit and investigation activities of “Promoting development and ensuring safety”, face the difficulties and bottlenecks in the creation, integrate the creation standards and requirements into the daily work of all innovation units and various creation activities at the grass-roots level, and form a regular and long-term working mechanism.We should adhere to the guidance of value, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, strive to build the brand of “people’s city civilization first”, constantly consolidate the common ideological basis for the construction of national civilized city, and constantly improve the visibility and appeal of yangpu spiritual civilization construction.Xu Ming, director of the district construction management Committee, said to focus on the renewal of urban appearance, focus on improving the construction quality and maintenance level of municipal roads, focus on improving the level of civilized construction of the construction site under construction, seize the focus, for a long time, and constantly promote the effect of urban management refinement.District greening city appearance Bureau Party secretary, director Liu Ren said to actively promote beautiful blocks and other projects to benefit people, constantly improve the city appearance environment and order management level, guidance and supervision of door responsibility management, better improve the quality of key areas, road greening.Xu Feng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the District Housing Administration bureau, said that we should focus on the beautiful home and the “micro-renewal” and “micro-transformation” of the community, combine the demonstration to create a point, do a good job of project docking, focus on the old renovation to be built base, and implement the work of building the public service advertising atmosphere of the wall and enclosure.Fan Jie, party secretary of the District Commerce Committee, said to further strengthen the farmers’ market hardware reconstruction, expand the scale of intelligent reconstruction, establish and improve the standardized management mechanism, the establishment of civilized city as an important starting point to improve the level of daily business work.District traffic police detachment deputy detachment leader Zhao Kangwei said to point with the surface, continue to build demonstration to create traffic junctions, increase the disposal of traffic violations, combined with traffic safety month, widely carry out all kinds of civilized traffic theme activities, maintain good traffic order.In the next step, the district Civilization Office will unite with all innovation units, with the “four major projects” and “ten actions” as the main focus, to make up for shortcomings, benefit people’s lives, show the image, improve quality, and make a “combination fist” of the construction of the civilized city district in 2022.