This bedtime habit can cause dry eyes and even glaucoma!99% of people fall for it

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Now mobile phones have gradually become an essential daily necessities for people.Lying in bed before going to bed to play with the phone, wake up to brush the phone seems to have become a habit of many people.While these habits are changing people’s way of life, they are also bringing hidden health risks.Do you like playing with your phone before bed?Never thought playing with your phone before bed could be harmful?Studies have found that using a cell phone in the dark can cause damage to the retina. The main reasons are:Weak light environment, the pupil natural amplification, such as definition, contrast visual quality at the same time, the self-adjusting see things eye depend entirely on the lens, regulating system burden, easy to cause eye fatigue, repeatedly long-term fatigue of easy cause retinal damage, causes myopic degree deepens, induce or aggravate the eye;Blue and infrared light from mobile phone screens can easily cause photochemical damage to the retina.In addition, using cell phones in the dark can lead to dry eye.When using a mobile phone, due to too much attention, the number of blinking per minute is reduced, and the brightness of the mobile phone screen is more dazzling after the light is turned off, resulting in reduced tear secretion and change of tear composition, and even more serious will cause the shedding of corneal epithelium.On the influence of the cervical spine, muscle physiological curvature of cervical vertebra has a normal body, lying on the bed to play mobile phone before going to sleep, whether it is a lie, lie, or stomach will bad influences to our cervical vertebra, cause excessive cervical bow before, cause strain and some small intervertebral joint disorders, waist sour backache, collar pain and other problems.When playing mobile phone lying on the side, the trapezius muscle needs to maintain the posture of shrug, has been in the state of power, if this goes on for a long time, it is easy to cause the posture problem of round shoulders hunchback, and keep bad posture for a long time, the muscles are prone to fatigue and stiffness, but also cause numbness and other symptoms of the hand.Using your phone before bed can affect your sleep quality.People tend to take longer to fall asleep and spend less time in deep sleep because it keeps the brain in a state of concentration.Research shows that short-wavelength blue light emitted by light-emitting electronics such as mobile phones can inhibit the secretion and synthesis of melatonin, directly affecting the quality of sleep.It also indirectly affects sleep quality by disrupting emotional balance, allowing teens to experience more negative emotions and fewer positive ones.Studies have shown that the more time spent using mobile phones before bed, the greater the negative impact on sleep and the more negative subjective emotions.So for the sake of health, it’s better not to play with mobile phone before going to bed at night.If it is impossible to refrain from playing mobile phones, it is suggested to take the following measures to minimize the damage: 1) Turn on the light when playing mobile phones;2) Reduce the brightness of the phone screen;3) Do not lie on your side or stomach. If you must lie down, you can lie on your back, but it is not recommended to spend too much time on your phone.I hope you will be far away from the head of the bed before going to bed mobile phone, set a good alarm, empty the brain, drink a cup of hot milk, so that their body and mind are relaxed, do a dream!Shanghai CDC Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.