Xi Mengyao posted photos of herself after giving birth, showing her body has regained its curves. Lawrence Ho once said she would have another baby.

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In the entertainment industry, celebrities are public figures, and their private lives often become a topic of concern among netizens.For the love life, some stars will choose not to disclose, is also under the pressure of public opinion and media, but also may affect the career, and some stars are willing to share their love state, this approach is also very frank.And we are familiar with Xi Mengyao and Lawrence Ho, is a very typical example.Xi mengyao recently posted a post on her social media platform to share her recent situation with netizens, which also sparked discussion among some viewers.Many people wanted to see the details of Her life after she married into a wealthy family, but She rarely shared her life after marrying into the He family.Since she gave birth, she has not updated her social media platform. If she has, it is about her work and rarely mentions her life. Therefore, netizens are also concerned about her update.As you can see, Ming posted several photos of herself working out in the blog post. In the first one, she appears to be wearing no make-up, with her hair tied up so that she looks younger than she normally does when she is wearing makeup, while casually slinging a towel around her neck.In the second shot, she can be seen running on a treadmill in a different top, looking at the mirror. Her long, thin legs stand out, and many netizens think she has lost weight so quickly after giving birth.The latter photos, also taken during her workout, record her efforts to stay in shape.Have to say, as a star, to keep the perfect photogenic figure, is to pay a lot of sweat, and the model is even more so, even though many of them are born to eat not fat, a little change, but after production experience, how much will occur some changes, so the Ming xi after this period of time, also exercise to work much harder than usual,Presumably also because the job demands to keep a perfect figure.To this, many people have said, Ming xi marry giants are “married a lonely”, even if already gave birth to two children, children, and still maintain their bodies in the best condition, in order to better work, that is to say, she is still not going to give up work, also want to continue to struggle to make money, and the delivery period, she fell asleep at work,It also shows that she works hard and does not have the luxury of a wealthy daughter-in-law.It seems that she and Lawrence do not want to rely on the family, more plan to rely on their own efforts to support a family of four.Lawrence jun seems, however, is not satisfied with the current “a family of four,” as early as before, he said to “three and three female”, although the target sounds challenge is too big, but as children of family background, Lawrence king must also is affected by the brothers and sisters more atmosphere, also want to give the child a benefit the environment,This is also what Lawrence’s mother and Wife Have been thinking about. However, Yao Ming is nonjudgmental about this. She once retorted when Lawrence mentioned having a lot of children: honey, don’t you feel like a pig?It also makes people feel that she is honest.So, what do you have to say after reading this article?Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section and interact with us!