Positive from exposure in less than two days!A ba.2 strain of ormicronic variant was found

2022-06-21 0 By

On February 17, Guangzhou reported a new confirmed case imported from abroad.At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou CDC, said that this positive case contains two important information of tracing the source of the epidemic. One is that the case has been in contact with the nucleic acid of case 1 and Case 2 for less than two days, and the intergenerational transmission speed is very fast.The other was the sequencing of the gene from case 1, which revealed a ba.2 strain of the Ormicronic variant.On 15 February, WHO noted in its weekly EPIDEMIOLOGICAL report on COVID-19 that the subvariant ba.2 strain is 30% more infectious than the original ba.1 strain, and this has been fully reflected in the current outbreak.Therefore, these two information once again confirm what I said at the press conference the day before yesterday (15th), that crowd screening, site control and nucleic acid screening within 24 hours are crucial to the control of the epidemic.”From the point of view of epidemic prevention and control, it reminds us of the importance of carrying out three nucleic acid tests and seven days of self-health monitoring for key yellow code populations, in addition to close contact and intensive isolation,” Zhang said.On the one hand, nucleic acid testing on the first and third days can screen out infected people as early as possible, and reduce the spread of family and society.On the other hand, the combination of nucleic acid test on the seventh day and health monitoring for a total of 14 days will ensure full coverage management during the transmission risk period to the greatest extent.In the end, Zhang zhoubin stressed that public self-restraint will play a particularly important role in the current social prevention and control measures that combine risk warning, nucleic acid screening and public self-restraint.So please yellow code and receive SMS notification of the citizens, must do a good job in the community to actively report, with the community the first time nucleic acid testing;In addition, if the yellow code is changed to green, please comply with the health monitoring requirements of “do well, avoid and timely” at home, and take three nucleic acid tests within seven days. This is to protect both your personal health and the health of the sheep city.Source: Yangcheng Evening News client editor Yao Rong Hangzhou Daily sincerity production