Smart vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner

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As the rise of people economic level, more and more “lazy person” appear, do not want to clean the ground so tired, then, vacuum cleaner was welcomed, use vacuum cleaner to do clean, not only can save effort, still can save time, let the life more comfortable.But there are many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market. Let’s take a look at intelligent vacuum cleaners.BENSHION vacuum cleaner has high precision filter technology, front pollution detection searchlight, 180° rotating drag head, 22000Pa surge suction, at the same time with 6 multi-functional brush head, can adapt to different terrain, 2000MA large capacity battery, super durable, BENSHION vacuum cleaner, big suction, black technology everywhere!Tianke intelligent vacuum cleaner recommended by big coffee is a thinking product from function to intelligence.Four advantages to help users clean home: cleaner, less noise change, longer battery life, more durable machine, at the same time, the product will adjust the suction gear according to the amount of dust, in order to more efficient deep cleaning.3: Laker wireless vacuum cleaner, the machine is not only significantly improved in performance, the overall color is also unique, for all kinds of health dead Angle, the machine is equipped with a variety of different removable accessories brush head, can meet different health needs.Haier smart vacuum cleaner also adopts free wireless design, which can meet users’ desire for easy use anytime and anywhere.For Haier intelligent vacuum cleaner,10000Pa strong suction is enough to deal with the three-bedroom family hygiene situation.More 5 filter system, clean air, refuse dust secondary pollution.5, Millet vacuum cleaner mi home vacuum is the biggest characteristic of high appearance level, parity, more than one thousand yuan of price, white appearance is very consistent with the current minimalist aesthetic, suction drag a can have both 150AW suction, cost performance is really no words.