West station plate really have the opportunity to buy?

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Last week, 125 key projects began construction on the West Coast.In the list of key projects in Qingdao in 2022, the number and investment of projects in the west Coast ranked first among all the districts and cities.In this hot land, the west station plate has been very heavy weight.Since the completion and operation of Qingdao West Railway Station in 2018, the West Railway Station has attracted many well-known real estate enterprises to participate in the construction of this new city.More than three years later, what are the changes in this plate?From the property market point of view, at present, this plate has the opportunity to buy?1, supporting the performance of cash and the market west station plate, nearly 30 square kilometers of land, used to be suburban wasteland, contiguous farmland.Nowadays, high-rise buildings and businessmen are gathered together. Projects such as Greenland Intercity Space Station and West Coast Innovation Science and Technology City have been launched one after another. With Qingdao West Railway Station as the fulcrum, a “high-speed railway Mall” integrating stations and cities, green and intelligent, and full of vitality is rising at an accelerating pace.Transportation, education, medical and other basic support is a plate competitiveness of the “soft resources”.These form a complete set follow up is not timely, cash at a discount, the enthusiasm of home buyers is bound to be affected.In this regard, the West station plate has several points to commend.Shenhai Expressway, 204 National Road, Yuquan Road, Second Haixi Road, third Haixi Road, Yujin Road, Fengyu Road (Fenghe Expressway) and other roads constitute the supporting road traffic network is improving day by day;Qingdao’s major infrastructure — the second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in west Coast New Area was laid.Signed the cooperation memorandum of the West Campus project of the Second Experimental Primary School in West Coast New District;Tieshan Central Kindergarten has been completed and put into use;Yuquan Road Kindergarten will be officially opened;Xining Road kindergarten construction work is advancing rapidly……The second phase of Subway Line 6, which many home buyers value most, completed feasibility expert evaluation meeting at the end of last year. It is expected that the first phase and the second phase will be opened and operated simultaneously, seamlessly connecting Qingdao West Railway Station.Next, there are several major infrastructure projects that will enhance the radiating and driving role of the West railway Station, such as the beijing-Shanghai second-line connection line and the expansion of shenzhen-Hai Expressway.On the whole, from transportation to education to medical treatment, the supporting level of the West Railway station plate is constantly improving.As the first three well-known real estate enterprises to enter the West Railway Station, Greenland, Gemdale and Jinmao have accompanied this sector through the most difficult times.During this period, there were real estate in order to sell the house, in the sand table marked himself is the subway mouth of the house, when the home buyers focus on the argument;There have also been real estate because of the delivery of the house, owners rights.Of course, these markets have had a period of hot selling.For example, about two years ago, greenfield was a success at first, selling like hot cakes for more than six months.Jindi City is the first to enter the final stage.Jinmao’s Innovation And Technology City, with its first batch of more than 500 units delivered late last year, is highly rated by its owners.It is worth mentioning that innovation Science and Technology City is still the top selling plate of west Railway Station in 2021, with about 700 sets of transactions.2, the hard-won opportunity to buy a house over the past three years, the west Railway station plate has always maintained a hot seller is the Innovation Technology City.Have to say, in the housing market downturn, more can reflect the comprehensive strength of central enterprises.Now the West station plate, is there a worthwhile opportunity?The answer is yes.Even with a unique geographical location, high starting point planning and continuous cash supporting, the west station plate housing prices are still very imaginative space.The core is that the west station plate new home market is still in the price depression.At present, the west Coast of many plates, the west station new house price advantage, higher cost performance.Location map When a plate gradually mature from the initial stage, people will enter the selection period for the plate real estate, more attention to product strength, product details.In this context, the advantages of West Coast Innovation and Technology City are already in front of us: close access to upgraded supporting facilities, constantly upgraded product strength, and endorsement by jinmao, a central enterprise with strong comprehensive strength.While other real estate projects slowed down the pace of land acquisition due to sluggish sales and other problems, the Innovation Science and Technology City project decisively took over the new land in the second centralized land auction last year, which is now the fourth phase of the land.Since then, phases 1-4 of Innovation Technology City have been unveiled.The first instalment of the Golden Joy Nebula has been delivered.On December 22 last year, master Fang also released “revealed the story! West Coast thousands of acres of market first delivery of live map exposure in advance!”, felt the acme of the first batch of bridal chamber of this large market on the spot.Phase II Jinmaoyue hongyun is currently a quasi existing house, consisting of 2 30-story high-rise buildings, 3 31-story high-rise buildings, 6 18-story small high-rise buildings and 1 35-story talent apartment.The third phase of Jinmaoyue zhiyun is planned for 12 small high-rise buildings with 18 floors and 1 talent apartment with 18 floors, with a total of 994 households.The effect drawing Phase 4 is the latest plot. It is planned to build 8 small high-rise buildings with 18 floors and 1 talent apartment building with 18 floors.In terms of housing type, these plots are dominated by 89-118 flat sets of three-family type.At present, there is a very good window, the west Coast experimental Primary School west campus has just signed a contract.As we all know, west Coast No.2 Experimental Primary School is a well-known public primary school in west Coast, a provincial standardized primary school and a municipal civilized campus.The west Campus will be located within the starting area of the Innovation Science and Technology City project. After its completion, it will realize integrated learning with the second experimental Primary School, invest high-quality teachers, and explore and innovate the education model.Whether there are schools and whether there are high quality education resources around the schematic building itself has become a reference factor for many home buyers, and the building with rich education resources has naturally become xiangbobo.The landing of this famous school adds a lot to the innovation and Technology City project.High quality market, how little quality education supporting!Since the Spring Festival holiday, the interest of home buyers on innovation science and technology City continues to heat up.In the West Coast Innovation And Technology City, the opportunity to buy at a lower total price is still there.The overall average price is expected to be about 9000 yuan/square, and the total price of 89 square sets of three is only about 800,000 yuan, which is the perfect combination of friendly high cost performance and comfortable living practical classic house.Some people say that the west station is the price depression and value highland both plate, this is not false.Education, medical and other supporting upgrades and cash, enhance the value of the plate.The industrial, commercial, transportation, educational and other urban resource blueprint around the Innovation Science and Technology City has gradually become clear, which pushes the innovation science and technology City to the forefront of the market in a practical sense.Innovation Science and Technology City continues to polish product details and improve product strength to ensure the continuous selling of the project and the satisfaction of the owners.Of course, this just shows the strength of the central enterprise Jinmao.West Coast innovation and technology city, the pattern of this big city is taking shape.Although the initial intention of each buyer is different, but high quality, supporting sufficient, cost-effective projects who do not move?The fourth phase of the new land scarce small high-rise new products have entered the market, while the opportunity is still there, buyers in demand, hurry up.