What kind of man fascinates women the most?We must adhere to the “four Nos” principle

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Use moments to let women know what you’re up to and make them curious about your life.The longer you chat, the more likely women will be curious, and the more likely they will take a polite rejection as a hope to let women know that he is not all of you, you have your own things to do.What kind of men fascinate women the most?Such a man has four principles, I am A rui, pay attention to my messages or private messages you emotional problems, a Rui advice for you.Today, I want to tell you what kind of man fascinates women the most and I can’t help wanting to get close to him.A lot of men will say, if you have money, you can find any woman is true, but you have to be rich, right?What about no money?What should we do?Remember these four steps: Number one, don’t always guess what a woman is doing. Spend the time you’re guessing enriching your life.A state can use moments to tell women what you are doing, make them curious about your life, and attract women’s attention with your external charm.Second, don’t pay attention to whether a woman replies to a message or not, and don’t respond immediately when she does. Realize that the longer you chat, the more likely she is to wonder what you are up to.Third, don’t fantasize about the life after you become a couple. After all, you haven’t got it yet. Such anticipation is undoubtedly digging a hole for yourself.In the end, you feel like you put your heart, your money, your energy into it, and you get nothing out of it, and you’re treated like a fallback.That last point, is not easy to meet the woman’s requirements, lift a finger, natural, simple things can be done, but also appropriate to refuse, let the woman know that she is not all of you, you have their own things to do.Men must have self-control for themselves. They should not give each other everything just because they like it. The easier they get, the less they cherish it.You have to do things that make a woman suspect that she is not attractive enough, so that you are always hot and cold to her, so that he can not help but want to test you, take you, this feeling you understand?I’m Ari, follow me!# EmotionalComment