Zhang Yimou makes The World feel ‘Chinese romance’ as Winter Olympics count down to 24 solar terms

2022-06-21 0 By

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games officially opened at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium in Beijing on Feb 4. The countdown of the opening ceremony adopted creative elements of the traditional 24 solar terms, showing the unique charm of Chinese culture and making the world feel “Chinese-style romance”.The 24th Winter Olympic Games, 24 solar terms countdown, international events combined with Chinese culture, bearing the Unique Chinese sense of ritual, grand and romantic.Mans spring rain jing qing valley spring day, summer with summer heat is linked together, the autumn dew autumn cold frost, small severe cold winter snow snow, Beijing Olympics to the world spread the Chinese traditional time algorithm, the countdown exquisite unconventional design originality, have intense sense of history, has the sense of science and technology of modern civilization, there are classical poetry artistic conception beauty, make the Chinese culture really out of the country, to the world stage.24 solar terms countdown, each solar term with Chinese classical poetry, to the motherland of the magnificent amorous feelings and athletes struggle for the picture, convey a classical elegant mood.Clouds winding in the mountains of the Great Wall, the rain infiltration under guard in front of the Forbidden City shishi, few pentium high-speed trains on the earth, autumn night glittering modern city, tradition and modern collision, the past and today, will be the extensive and profound Chinese culture show incisively and vividly, arouse people’s cultural self-confidence, let the world see the wisdom and feelings of the Chinese nation.As spring begins and ends, the 24 solar terms of the Winter Olympic Games count down, showing the world a vibrant China.The successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics during the pandemic is a result of the concerted efforts of the Chinese people in fighting against the epidemic, which in itself demonstrates the unyielding and unyielding spirit of the Chinese nation.As the 24 solar terms flow, spring rises and spring falls, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open with green scenery and show the fascinating vitality and vitality of the Chinese nation.Build dreams together to welcome the arrival of spring.Every winter, breeds the vitality of spring, Beijing Olympics opening ceremony will be the last second to spring, deduce the Chinese vigor, proclaimed to the world, belong to China, for the moment, this moment belongs to us, our culture is to the world, our vision is affecting the world, China will be with the people of the world work together, common fate, meet a better future together.