Negotiation and compromise are wiser ways

2022-06-22 0 By

Jeffrey Sachs, a famous American economist, said in a written interview with Xinhua News Agency that negotiation and compromise are wiser ways to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.Sachs disagreed with a series of tough sanctions imposed by the United States and its Allies on Russia after the conflict broke out.He believes sanctions are unlikely to achieve political goals and will do considerable damage.Sachs said the idea of NATO admitting Ukraine is a frightening and provocative one that should be ruled out immediately.All countries should respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and refrain from interfering in its internal affairs.Sachs argues that the United States should publicly support Ukrainian neutrality in exchange for an immediate cease-fire, Russian withdrawal and international guarantees from the United Nations Security Council of Ukraine’s sovereignty as a neutral state.An escalation of the conflict, which could destroy Ukraine and expand into a global war, must be avoided at all costs.Sachs said we should aim for a peaceful multipolar world, in which no nation seeks to be a global “hegemon” and alliance politics is replaced by the UN Charter, the global rule of law under multilateralism, mutual respect, and non-interference in internal affairs.Sachs, who served as special Adviser to the UN Secretary-general from 2001 to 2018, is currently director of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Columbia University in the US and head of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.