Renovation of dilapidated buildings can be applied online!Texas has a plan to make housing safer for low-income people

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Recently, The city issued the implementation Plan of Housing Security for Rural Low-income Groups and other key targets in Dezhou city in 2022, which provides assistance to rural households that enjoy the policy of poverty alleviation, those who are unstable in poverty alleviation, those who are vulnerable to poverty at the edge, those who receive subsistence allowances, and those who are provided with special assistance.As well as the rural low-income groups due to the cause of disasters due to accidents and other rigid expenditures or substantial reduction of income caused by serious basic living difficulties, such as the rural low-income groups to focus on housing safety.Support will be given to rural families living on subsistence allowances and other poverty-stricken families who have not enjoyed the rural housing security policy and cannot solve the housing security problem by their own efforts.”Solution” is clear, rural low-income groups such as the key object of housing security is not guaranteed, the farmers by dezhou social big rescue platform (or “rescue” WeChat small program), the village committee, the villages and towns (street), county (city, district) shall, in accordance with the application of “the rural, village level appraisal, the villages and towns audit, at the county level for examination and approval” working procedures,The evaluation, audit and approval work will be carried out on the relief platform to achieve “more data running and less people running”.The village committee (community) shall help the insured to complete the application if they are unable to do so themselves.The standard of reconstruction is proper area, qualified main components, safe building structure and complete basic functions.According to the plan, renovation work should strictly follow the Regulations on Seismic Management of Construction Projects. Renovation of dilapidated buildings by demolition and reconstruction or new construction should have basic structural design and meet the mandatory standards for seismic fortification.Where dilapidated buildings are strengthened by means of repair and reinforcement, seismic reinforcement measures shall be encouraged on the basis of respecting the will of the masses.All counties (cities and districts) should share industrial data and information, improve the dynamic monitoring mechanism of housing safety for low-income groups in rural areas and other key targets, carry out daily safety inspections, inform farmers of potential housing safety hazards in a timely manner, and conduct appraisals within one week.It is a dangerous house, included in the transformation plan, found a household, solve a household, do not fall, should be changed to change.The program specifies the standards for financial subsidies.Repairing and reinforcing dilapidated buildings, the subsidy is generally not less than 12,000 yuan;In the process of repairing and strengthening dilapidated houses, if seismic reinforcement measures are adopted simultaneously, the subsidy standards may be appropriately raised.Demolition and reconstruction or site selection of new houses, the subsidy is generally not less than 25,000 yuan.For seismic retrofitting of existing houses that are not grade C or D, the subsidy is generally not less than 12,000 yuan.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: