The opening ceremony of spring 2022 of Dengzhou Zhiyuan School and the commendation Conference of the last semester were successfully held

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On the morning of February 21, the opening ceremony of spring 2022 of Dengzhou Zhiyuan Experimental School was held in the playground.The conference was presided over by Vice President Yasin.The ceremony opened in the solemn national anthem, the guard of honor students with neat and vigorous steps on the national flag platform, the bright five-star red flag slowly lifted off, not only for the new semester added a dazzling red, but also condensed the faith and hope of all the teachers and students of Zhiyuan School.First of all, President Li De delivered a speech. He said that looking back on the development course of Zhiyuan, we have stepped out of the brilliant decade of Zhiyuan.Next, the establishment of the high school will open a new pattern for us, the new semester, new challenges, adhering to the “primary school to do excellent, junior high school to do fine, high school to do strong” concept, I hope that all of us Zhiyuan people can with huhu shengwei male wind, vigorous energy, strive for zhiyuan brilliant decade and decade.2021 is a year of progress, but also a year of harvest.All the teachers and students work hard, hard struggle, fruitful garden.Next, the list of winners of last semester will be read out.Holding certificates, share the fruits of hard work, a brilliant smiling face is harvest, is joy.The bell of the new semester has rung, let us have a smile on the face, love in the heart, light in the eyes, action has rules, at the foot of the distance!With the opening ceremony of the east wind, hong ambition, tree new wind, set results, strive to be together to the future of a good boy!