“Stay in Shanghai, we protect you” in the lights of the thousands of putuo, they transfer warmth with rush | love live warm heart spring

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During the Spring Festival, some people go back to their hometowns to reunite with their families, while others stay in Shanghai to get together with relatives and friends.The “minions”, “blue people” and “green people” who shuttle in the streets and alleys are still rushing about on the way to pick up food and send single.Wang and Xiang, a husband and wife from Jilin province, gave up going home for a reunion due to work demands and insisted on delivering food during the Spring Festival holiday.The couple had been in Shanghai for almost a year, and this was their first Chinese New Year away from home.They have come to Shanghai to work in Shanghai from their hometown. They work hard and are gradually integrating into this city. “I think the welfare treatment here is very good.In the past January, the husband and wife both achieved a good performance in the single race, during the Spring Festival holiday, they also stick to their posts. When asked whether it is too hard to be a female rider, his wife Xiao Xiang said with a smile: “Young people, you have to work hard.”In many people’s eyes, the hard work of a takeaway rider is nothing more than physical consumption, but only when truly engaged in this line of work can we know that maintaining a good attitude is the biggest challenge.Talking about the “bitterness” in the work, Xiao Xiang remembered many moments of fighting with the “delivery address” in this year’s work.”That was the most difficult time. For example, in some places of university towns, there were many shops, from the first floor to the fourth floor. There were many exits.These are not difficult problems for her now, but in addition to these bitter memories, the warm heart gained in this year let them savor endless.”Once, when I was delivering food, the customer left a bucket of water next to the shoe rack with a note on it saying ‘Delivery boy, you can help yourself if you need.Maybe we didn’t need it, but it was really heartwarming to see that.””, although can’t go home for the holiday meals, often hear the customer said “and” hard “and” happy New Year “, was pretty warm in my heart, “had an unforgettable Spring Festival, looking forward to the New Year, anticipation,” want to work hard and save more money, and then such as disease slowly is better, work is not busy when go home have a look.”Like wang and his wife, many food delivery boys have chosen to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival.In order to make the riders who stay behind during the Spring Festival have a good year, the Platform of Ele. me also prepares a variety of warm services, such as “Eat alone” New Year’s Eve dinner or New Year gift box, “wash, cut and blow” preferential welfare, writing Spring Festival couplets and drawing tiger images, so that they can feel the warmth of home in a foreign land.Husband and wife 2 people are preparing to set out to send food in this running in the line to take food to send food behind the team, there is a stick together with them “reserve army”.”There is a small rider, please deal with it in time.”Enter ele. me near the railway City Square station, backstage prompt sound one after another, with Kti as the center, riders scattered in the vicinity of the backstage get one response.For the background staff, their mission is to find problems to solve problems, timely response to emergencies, to ensure that the list does not go wrong.During the Spring Festival “is different from usual delivery is given priority to with family dinner, friends, etc, and the delivery time may be from morning until late at night, so we arranged to hold hands, to help the rider scheduling and guarantee, guarantee the order and send a single efficient, hope everyone in the Spring Festival, every meal eat comfort.”Ele. me kintek City square station master said.Compared with food delivery platforms, the workload of fresh food e-commerce companies began to increase several days before the Spring Festival and peaked on New Year’s Eve.The production demands of the New Year’s Eve dinner not only increase the number of orders on this day, the weight of each order generally increased, the demand is also more urgent.Wang Dong is a delivery man in Putuo District Zhenbei Station of Ding Dong Shopping vegetables. Whenever the Spring Festival approaches, the process of picking up goods and delivering them is like a race against time: enter the sorting warehouse and quickly pick up the packed goods, turn around and run out of the door to the electric car parked on the roadside, and put the goods into the distribution box and rush to the single delivery place without stopping.In this way, one order after another, usually from the morning to the afternoon peak, even have no time to drink saliva, only to have lunch at one or two in the afternoon, but also make do with some fast food, and then continue to work in the afternoon, this run will run into the evening.”Although the Chinese New Year is certainly busier than usual, BUT I feel quite fulfilling, work is like life, and there are thousands of families need me, I feel their work is quite meaningful,” he slightly damaged vocal cords, his voice hoarse but sincere.He has been working at Putuo for three years. He has been working hard and has never received any bad comments. “My idea is simple: deliver every order well,” he said.Wang Dong spent the Spring Festival in Shanghai in the past three years, but this Spring Festival is special for him. “I have been with my fiancee for two or three years, and this year I plan to go to her home to propose marriage.”The plain joy and warmth also made his journey more hopeful and made every moment on the road more enjoyable.Whether it is a full table banquet for family reunion, or a simple meal alone in a foreign land, the various flavors of the Spring Festival are all in one meal.Thanks to these rushing figure, with their adherence to the solution of our food worry, comfort us homesick sorrow.Reporter: Zhang Chengyan editor: Huang Mei click below to learn more about putuo these excellent photo “punch points”, the beauty of the “double reduction”, putuo teenagers winter vacation life is too rich!Shanghai this year added 10 for the private practical projects this cheap fruit is the vascular favorite!Pay tribute to the most qualified “Professional Happiness”