Two men in the vegetable market steal more than 100 pieces of payment code, the result of the tragedy

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Wechat received XX yuan, Alipay received XX yuan……Nowadays, the streets and alleyways are full of such sound of payment. In the digital era, it is no longer necessary to use cash to buy vegetables in the vegetable market. The payment code has been hung in front of each stall owner and stall, which is convenient and fast.On the morning of January 26, hundreds of stall owners in a number of vegetable markets in Liaobu Town, Dongguan city, found that their payment codes were posted on the stalls.People!Change!!”Money not to account found to be changed is called the police,” step on January 28, the reporter comes to the border town of men saw some comprehensive market stalls also be replaced with qr code on the left in a large, pay treasure icon on a small collection of code “swept away a HaoHui two words” if you don’t watch carefully is difficult to find due to the Lord is home collection code has not been timelyThe replacement of a file owner said there was a similar situation before so they will be timely every day to the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to avoid being replaced angry we also quickly reported to the police reporters from dongguan Liao Step police learned that the file owners have been reported to the police 3 hours later, they locked the two suspects.As the two men had no fixed residence, police arrested them at 5 PM through extensive reconnaissance.It is understood that the suspects Zheng and Wen resigned,Because want to earn a quick buck indecision and he came up with such a way after two printed 1500 copies of yards and in the morning to the vegetable market replace qr code posted more than 100 2 hours sleep a night after the morning time to the account information and ringing received the case is further dealt with in more than 3000 yuan stamp video to see more ▼ that two men,You don’t know anything about modern science and technology and you can’t even think of such a thing as real-name payment information system, not to mention that surveillance is so advanced nowadays?Year pass will arrive DV gentleman proposal everybody wants to do enough guard against theft work not to let thief opportunity take advantage of finally, advise those who want greedy small cheap person mo stretch hand, stretch hand will be caught!