Xianxian County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade incident management squadron: iron shoulder moral tenderness of the people’s livelihood

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Image network news (elephant news reporter Wu Yanfei apprentice reporter Hao Yuwei correspondent Jin Justice weng strong) Xianxian County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade has such a different team, they also wear “fluorescent green”, white police cap;They care about the masses, always appear where the masses need them most, and always look like the masses want them most.They sometimes stand in the street, slow block to protect chang;Sometimes such as community police as gentle, for the people, they are xianxian County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade accident processing squadron.This is a by nine policemen, one worker, team consisting of 15 auxiliary police, is mainly responsible for the county within the scope of all kinds of road traffic accident handling, over the years, they to “less accidents, good order, excellent service, masses satisfaction” as the goal, to strengthen the party leading, adhere to the road law enforcement efforts, strict grid service and eight hours outside the key time patrol controls,To maintain the area of road safety, the work has achieved remarkable results, in the brigade in the best assessment.The Squadron adheres to the guidance of Party building and pays close attention to the ideological and political work of the civilian auxiliary police. Party members and cadres give full play to their leading role, constantly adhere to their ideals and beliefs, deepen integrity and discipline, and constantly improve the political quality and professional level of the team.At the same time, through collective study and discussion, to lead the new and other ways to actively learn business theoretical knowledge and practical skills, adhere to the study in the dry, in the dry school, so as to achieve the application of learning, learning, constantly improve the level of business skills, law enforcement.With the increasing number of vehicles, traffic accident handling work is under increasing pressure.The police on duty will be on duty 24 hours a day, regardless of day or night, wind, rain and sun, the first time to arrive at the scene of the accident after receiving the police situation.A series of work, including scene protection, investigation and evidence collection, accident identification and compensation mediation, was also carried out immediately.Eating without timing, sleeping restless pillow is the normal state of the accident handling work, can bear hardships, can fight, can contribute is they do a good job of the necessary quality.Since 2021, under the strong leadership of the county Party Committee and the county government and the Party Committee of the County Public Security Bureau, and under the careful guidance of the brigade, the squadron has worked hard and dedicated with one heart and one mind to deal with more than 12,000 traffic accidents of all kinds, effectively protecting people’s life and property safety.The law enforcement work is the lifeline of public security work, and cracking down on illegal crimes is the main work of public security work.But traffic law enforcement work involves all aspects, not only in the law enforcement to be strict, standard, fair, but also to make both parties can be satisfied.Over the years, the squadron police, in the face of the accident on both sides of the accident identification, compensation amount is not satisfied with the opposite mood, always take care of the emotions of both sides, with the use of emotion to communicate with both sides, many intractable contradictions and disputes in their mediation, to avoid intensified contradictions and other problems, no matter when and where,They can set up a bridge to serve the people with sincerity on the ordinary post.Over the past year, the squadron has received more than 2,000 people and handled more than 1,000 traffic accidents.There is no hero in the world, because they chose to bear, xi County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade accident squadron story continues, they sweat, burning youth, they regardless of gains and losses, selfless work, their loyalty oath, abide by the promise, they only for the peace of the people.(Xinyang News hotline: 0376-6880376, email: yxxy2013@126.com.The “Elephant Escort Office” of Image.net tel: 180 0371 9699)