Zhong Xintong Ajiao revealed that she had been abused by foster families since childhood, and her childhood shadow made her introverted and unsociable

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Zhong Xintong Hong Kong group TWINS members debut, also called Gillian, a lot of people may be listening to the TWINS songs began to like her, there are a lot of people because of Edison Chen event to understand her, but you don’t know her childhood how miserable, January 27, she in a variety show inside and Huo Wenxi talk said his childhood story.Gjiao biological father named Zhong Dishan, her father died when she was one year old, she and her mother has been wandering, two years old mother renamed her Zhong Jiali, then has been boarding in a variety of relatives home, began a childhood purgatory like life.She had been repeatedly beaten on the head by the host. When she told her mother, her mother did not believe her. She probably knew but had no way but to endure it.Later to uncle’s home, uncle is to her all kinds of torture, even take a bath can only use the bath water used by three Cousins.The whole childhood was like a huge shadow over her, she did not want to recall, do not want to face, she had changed her name for many times, which also made her introverted, sensitive, lack of security.Later, they met Edison Chen. They fell in love at first sight and fell in love freely. They had been on and off for five years and finally decided to break up.The marriage with Lai Hongguo was thought to be the final destination, but two years of marriage on the divorce.Maybe it is her childhood life that makes her personality incompatible with others, but she is still trying to live and believe that she will get better and better, because she has bravely spoken out her childhood memories now, which is also the first step out of the shadow, and the future will be better and better.