Good shandong | Weihai “Dishang wisdom made” shining Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-06-24 0 By

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation, dressed in bright colors and smart clothes, showcased China’s unique passion and elegance, and attracted the attention of the world.The dazzling “China red” dress was developed by Dishang Group and the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, along with some of the protective coveralls worn by Olympic volunteers and staff.The reporter learned that in November last year, Dishang Group received the task of making dresses for the Chinese sports delegation, less than three months before the Opening of the Winter Olympics.Dishang Group mobilized the resources of the whole group to make all-out efforts to overcome the difficulties, and produced more than 100 samples of clothes successively. After adjusting the scheme for 3 times and adjusting the details and accessories for more than 10 times, the clothes were finally presented to the audience around the world.It is reported that the dress is tailored by single single version of the way, by craft, version of the division of more than 40 people to form a technical team, the establishment of a body model database, every athlete has tailored hundreds of indicators data, accurate to millimeter.Dishang Group specially set up the “Winter Olympics production line”, from the initial strict control of raw material sorting, spinning, weaving, finishing and other production links, and then from hundreds of color schemes layer by layer to select the most consistent with the design requirements of color, to ensure the quality of every inch of fabric.At the same time, due to the low temperature of the opening ceremony, the Chinese delegation to wear not only beautiful appearance, but also to take into account the cold demand.To this end, after several rounds of research and testing, the main fabric of the dress is 800g pure cashmere, and the inner side is attached with a removable white goose down ultra-thin down inner lining, to ensure crisp and comfortable. In combination with the cashmere coat, it can help the delegation resist the cold of -20℃, which is beautiful and not “freezing”.In addition to the production of gowns, Dishang Group also undertakes the production of protective clothing, including service guidance, accommodation, catering, waste cleaning four positions.The work clothes are made of medical isolation clothing fabric, which not only has certain protective function, but also highlights occupational attributes and functional needs, practical and beautiful.Winter Olympics grand event, the whole country concentric.After more than 80 days and nights of struggle, the technical design and production staff of Dishang Group finally presented the Chinese Olympic delegation’s full dress and splendid clothes perfectly in front of the world.Dishang people also once again with their own ingenuity and sweat, their name engraved on the glorious chapter.