New revision upgrade

2022-06-24 0 By

In order to better adapt to the new situation and requirements of the united front, and constantly enrich and improve the means of information education and training, the Central Institute of Socialism officially launched the Online Social Institute on March 1, 2022. According to user feedback, the mobile APP of the platform was updated and upgraded in time on March 28.It is reported that the central Social Institute network social institute online trial operation since a month, the majority of staff and students actively try out and put forward some suggestions.According to the feedback from all parties, the college timely upgraded the design of the mobile terminal of the platform and completed the new revision.This revision mainly involves the following contents: one is to optimize the page design and plate layout, making the logic between the plates more reasonable, more scientific layout, more in line with daily use habits;Second, it improves the information retrieval function in the application, enriches the retrieval conditions, and makes the data information query more convenient.Third, it adds the functions of course learning progress display and course collection, making it more convenient to carry out independent study selection on the platform;Fourth, it enriches the college introduction, course introduction and teacher information, which is conducive to students’ comprehensive understanding of the college and training content;Fifth, the section of class information and campus activities has been expanded, providing a platform for recording and displaying the wonderful student activities in each shift.Network Social institute is a comprehensive business platform developed by THE Central Social Institute for faculty and students.The platform covers mobile and computer terminals, with intelligent management, information query, course sharing, interaction and other functions.Through the network community institute, it is convenient to carry out teaching and training business management, query shift data information, realize online course self-selection, and implement teacher-student exchange and interaction including survey questionnaire.The platform includes seven functions, including intelligent study selection, live courses, sharing resources, teaching management, information maintenance, social research and online communication.In the next step, the college will continue to solicit opinions and suggestions from all parties, and make timely revisions and upgrades to better play the role of the Online social college.Source: Central Social Academy Editor: Mo Chou