Suining county people’s Armed Forces department jointly with many departments to carry out visiting activities

2022-06-24 0 By

Rednet moment On January 27th (correspondent Tang Fang Yan Liang Houlian) On January 27th, Suining County people’s Armed Forces department, together with the county people’s Congress, audit Bureau, fire brigade, housing provident fund management department, visited 7 families in poverty before the Spring Festival.During the visit, the People’s Armed Forces delegation visited 7 families in Le ‘anpu Miao and Dong township who were seriously ill or disabled, and sent them New Year’s greetings and condolence money.It is understood that the department of military equipment in recent years, under the leadership of the county, the county government, often in combination with major festivals, joint veterans affairs and related departments to send contributions for carmakers, visits condolences military families family activities, such as positive for suining do a good job in the new age etc to further strengthen military and political unity, through the joint efforts of the continuous develop YongJunYouShu, YongZhengAiMin fine tradition,We have explored new approaches to the work of “double support” that are characteristic of the new era and conducive to the in-depth development of military-civilian cooperation. We have created a harmonious situation in which the Party, the government, the military and the people breathe together, share a common destiny, and connect their hearts to each other, and written a new chapter in the work of “double support” in the new era.