Attacking giants: Who is Alan Yeager really?See inversion after inversion

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Tell me about Alan Yeager from Attack on Giant. What do you think Alan Is like?When he was young, he had a strong desire to learn about the world beyond the wall (on the other side of the sea), but as time went by, he gradually approached the truth. However, to his surprise, when he had the power of “attacking giant”,The special ability of the giant allows the host to see the memory of the future successor (that is, the memory of the host of the “attacking giant” is shared) for a prophetic effect. The hatred between the Marais and the Eldians is even more intense.Jake’s appearance and “euthanasia” is to let Allen selfish and can’t agree with the plan (walk in repairing Bridges) selfish because protect three dai li and others of the retrogression “euthanasia” program was the first by the power of the mill, especially for the existing al dia infertile, put an end to the birth of offspring Allen can’t agree with the idea of wronged and controlled alone,Under all the misunderstanding and jake with his elder brother take part in theatre, seeking to sound the way of control (using founder Mr Milton) some people think that Allen has changed, become more ruthless can, in fact, who knows he has always been this way in order to care about and cherish their own people to change, would rather I negative language,Alan’s people didn’t start with the Madonna series. They were more ruthless than anyone else when they needed to be. They just wanted to protect their cherished “pure land”.If Alan’s plan were to succeed, the world would be transformed in a way that would be seen by others as nothing less than a catastrophe,Too bold and crazy Alan’s father no doubt saw his son’s success as he sought to end a long standoff,But Allen’s way is to let him this when dad is afraid of Allen (can also be caused by memory) Allen never changed because he should have also seen him if you don’t do so the situation of the situation will be more disadvantages and his cherish everything will go up in smoke (have a “I’m not into the hell who the hell” feeling) know future is weakThe feeling of change, of knowing it, is the hardest thing to do but the price of doing it, he’s going to be the sinner who, given the choice, would want to be the sinner?He may not be understood, but everything he does has a meaning (just a different position). The hatred between races is not something that can be explained in words. Alan sees it more clearly than Armin does.They were also the only people who knew the truth of what Alan had done. Finally, he was willing to be kissed goodbye by Sanli. (Ending the play he directed and acted.)Give and take care of each other at the same time