Battle of wonders!Women’s soccer veteran goalkeeper 16 word was praised by the devil king, actress: sonorous roses rely on the score

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Chinese women’s football really god!With only 32% ball control rate in the whole court, the girls of women’s football team play their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses. Under the guidance of water guidance, they play the spirit of “desperately fighting”.Down 1-0 to draw 1-1;Trailing 2-1 in extra time, they drew 2-2 in the 119th minute.China defeated Japan 4-3 in a penalty shootout in a miraculous victory to advance to the Asian Women’s Cup final for the first time in 14 years.In this match, the Number of dangerous attacks of The Japanese women’s football team is as high as 127 times, 5 corner kicks and 5 shots on target, which is a great test for our goalkeeper.However, Zhu Yu withstood the pressure in the competition, many times high low block and rescue, play very good.But it was her performance in the penalty shootout that propelled her to the glory. She saved two of her five penalties, especially in the final round, and Wang Shanshan’s winning penalty helped the women’s team win the match.Zhu’s resemblance to Sun Yingsha, also known as “The Devil King”, has prompted many fans to say that Zhu is also the devil king of the women’s team, and we believe she will continue to do well in the final.After the match, zhu Yu, the decorated goalkeeper, wrote on social media: ‘Chinese women’s football team, believe in your teammates, never say die, fight to the end!These 16 words are indeed the best comments of this game, they always believe in teammates, Wang Shuang is absent because of injury, they dare to do the ball to other teammates, the whole court only two shots on target, two goals in all.”Never say die, fight to the end” is the best interpretation of the spirit of women’s football team. They know their strength is inferior to their opponents, but they never slack off in attack, never put defense as the first choice, dare to attack, dare to do action, dare to make threats to their opponents.And they never belittle themselves, when falling behind, there is no panic, patience conduction, patience to create opportunities, fight to the end, get the final victory.The biggest difference between them and the men’s soccer team is that they don’t believe in fate. They think they can do it, instead of putting themselves in the “loser” side and giving praise to the girls!Actress: Sonorous rose or rely on spectrum!Famous actress Li Bingbing posted on social media at 1:17 am: “Sonorous roses are still reliable!”Come on!According to the time of her post, Li Bingbing was also very happy after watching the live broadcast of the semifinal. She posted a congratulatory message to the girls of the Chinese women’s football Team.In addition, “or” from the side also expressed her dissatisfaction with the Chinese men’s soccer team, indeed, the Chinese women’s soccer team is far more reliable than the men’s.After the match, CCTV reporter Ai Tingting wrote that she was used to the days when Chinese women’s football team was “watched for more than ten days and neglected for half a year”.This sentence is sad, the current attention of women’s football really need to improve, the voice of the actress Li Bingbing will undoubtedly attract more attention.We also hope that more stars and artists can stand up for the girls of Chinese women’s football, so that they can get more attention, thus triggering more market effect and increasing their salaries and remuneration.