The workplace only speaks of interests, who moved it again good relations will be torn

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Other people will consider your feelings only because of the existence of interests, and there will be no such thing as showing any mercy.You want people to go easy on you when you’re bowing and scraping, but you don’t have to trounce your dignity beyond recognition when they can’t bring you anything either.People are realistic, but do things according to the process, and no one can do anything to you.Yesterday you were a brother at the wine table, but today you are still drunk and your partner will find fault with you because of a look in your eyes. Who says that if you have a good relationship, you have to drink well?Even if you risk your life to drink, it’s not worth it without profit.In the workplace, you have to be sober, you have to be rational, don’t talk about emotions, just talk about whether it is logical, whether it is in accordance with the process.In fact, the workplace is a process of fighting alone, and there will be partners on the way. In the process of partnering, don’t get caught in the emotional, because you are each other to fulfill their own, there is no “friendship” talk.When you’re at work, say hello to a co-worker you hate, and deal with a boss you don’t like. Just go with the flow of life without emotion.Relationships are complicated and complicated, simple and simple, and everything is done according to its flow.Don’t think about it don’t get emotional, you’re gonna look bad at everyone.Understand that in the workplace there is “friendship” where there is interest. Don’t be so naive and don’t try so hard to maintain relationships.Instead of focusing on improving your skills, you’ll surround yourself with great people.