Frameless doors, big back, and a new santana?

2022-06-26 0 By

Ashkenazi mass consumer impression always is sedate and easy, youth and sport as ever and it is not, but as consumers increasingly younger, let the car companies to reflect continuously, gradually to the younger, was the emergence of faw Volkswagen CC is so drivers to shine at the moment, wu kuang doors, big slide back, Volkswagen CC help people realize the coupe dream,But the higher price hasn’t helped it sell well.Then, we saw the appearance of SAIC Volkswagen Lamando, whose price is lower than Volkswagen CC and more popular. Even if some people say that it is santana with a new shell, in this era where appearance level is the key, good looks are really too important for sales.Recently, we ushered in the official release of the new Volkswagen Lamando L, the latest update, the appearance and interior have made subversive changes, let’s take a look at the specific performance of the new car.See a new car at first glance, a see the public ID the illusion of pure electric series, yes, it is to use the same design concept, big mouth in the face before grille design, make the feeling of borderless, replace the iconic China open the stripes with matrix design, combined with silver decoration, looks modern technology are more abundant, the size of the front side headlight modelling also completely change,After lighting, it is more vivid, and the two headlights are connected by a slender lamp belt, which is highly recognizable.From the side, the figure of the new Volkswagen Lamando L also has a new change, the length of the new car has been adjusted, more slender, and the whole body creates a flat feeling, the visual effect is more radical movement, the big back is still preserved, and the sense of movement is sufficient.Car tail part, although penetrative type taillight is not what fresh trick already, but say good-looking believe no one is opposed, fume black lampshade plus long and narrow lamp belt, present a fashionable and delicate feeling.Besides appearance made a great change, new car interior also let a person get a shock, the LCD panel and control panel to achieve big screen operation, in an instant sense of in-car technology upgrading, through the outlet, and out of the car to the instrument panel, silver chrome plated with big red line has been the existence of complement each other, to create the integration of the cockpit.As for power, the new all-new Volkswagen Lamando L is equipped with a 1.4T turbine and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Although it does not bring any new surprises, the power assembly is stable and easy to use.