The Lantern Festival warm universiade volunteers to send blessings

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China News Sichuan News on February 15Chengdu universiade Executive Committee volunteer Department, together with jinniu District Committee of the Communist Youth League and Longquanyi District Committee of the Communist Youth League, jointly carried out the “Love Chengdu, Welcome the Universiade, I do practical things for the masses” volunteer service activities on 15th.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, a chengdu Universiade volunteer service team organized by Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and community party members sent yuanxiao, a symbol of reunion, and lanterns to people’s homes. In the lively atmosphere of the traditional festival, the team conveyed the strong sense of Yuanxiao and the good vision of deep volunteer feelings.Lantern Festival, a bowl of rice balls rui Qi surplus.Knead dough, rub dumplings, put fillings, knead modeling……At Zaozi Lane community, Xi ‘an Road Street, Jinniu District, and Weijia Street community, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Universiade volunteers led community residents to rub dumplings one by one.Fire, boil water, drop tangyuan…A few minutes later, the crystal clear tangyuan surfaced, and universiade volunteers handed out steaming hot tangyuan, white flour balls filled with sweet stuffing, to the residents. Small tangyuan also contained big blessings.Residents smiled from ear to ear as they ate hot dumplings.At the event.Chengdu universiade executive committee for the figure On this festive days, the universiade volunteers were also invited communities together on behalf of the New Year blessing lantern and enthusiastically share hands will do a good job of lantern near to the sanitation workers, thank them day and night, at work, hard-working and silently, with “home” series into a “people”,Warmhearted acts of kindness condenses into a powerful positive energy of public voluntary service.During the event, volunteers from CHENGDU University of Traditional Chinese Medicine used their professional knowledge to open the “wisdom free diagnosis”, providing online registration demonstration, health consultation, blood pressure and heart rate measurement, health care knowledge and other services for community residents.The medical staff used easy to understand language to answer questions one by one for everyone, popularizing health knowledge, effectively enhancing everyone’s awareness of disease prevention.At the event.”It is a happy thing to participate in volunteer service, and it warms our hearts to see the smiles of the residents.”Wang Lei, a volunteer of the Universiade, said, “The universiade volunteers are not only serving the Universiade, but also serving the public and spreading the spirit of volunteering for the Universiade by holding various volunteering-themed activities.”As one of the voluntary service activities with the theme of “Love Chengdu · Welcome the Universiade, I Do practical things for the Masses”, this activity fulfilled the original mission of “I do practical things for the masses” with practical actions, and created a good social atmosphere of “welcome the Universiade, volunteer me first”.It is understood that, in the next step, the volunteer Department of the Executive Committee of the Chengdu Universiade will continue to enrich and improve the types and quantity of volunteer services, so that the volunteer services can be extended to the streets and lanes, so that the civilization of thousands of households, chengdu’s urban vitality and civilization image to the world, and help Chengdu to become a model city of national civilization.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: