But there are others who say the grapes are sour when they cannot eat them

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Shenzhou Guo Shuhe daqianqian world, there are all kinds of wonders.Big mountain, what birds also have, more people, what people also out.People often say that “when the fox can’t get the grapes, he says the grapes are sour.”I am a writer. It can be said that I have been engaged in the propaganda work since the 1980s and have persisted for more than 40 years.If nothing else, every year the hengshui daily the hengshui evening of hengshui literature “peach garden” anping literature, “a red granny liu” deep state story such as the newspaper publication titled public, regularly publish my own manuscript, last year alone, you’re welcome, these to me as soon as the news media publish press releases hundreds of articles,Last year, I published more than 170 pieces of news, essays and comments with feelings in the Collection of Guo Shuhe, and almost 100 percent of them have been adopted by the news media.Is the best evidence.Naturally, out of gratitude, DURING the Spring Festival, I sent New Year’s greetings to editors and teachers through wechat to show my gratitude. Isn’t it normal?However, it is a small matter that seems normal to others, but it has touched the nerve of some others. Even in a publication discussion group, she became furious and asked me by name. Do these small newspapers and publications have a number?Is it a public offering?In his eyes, you despise the small tabloids such as Hengshui Daily and Taohua Yuan. Your work appears in People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency. Unfortunately, you have forgotten that this is taohua Yuan, a small periodical founded by our Shenzhou Writers’ Association.Needless to say, our small “Peach Blossom Land” in your eyes, naturally is also a small publication, since you have so big ability, why also “condescend” to publish lofty talk here?I should have gone to work for the People’s Daily and New China News.That’s a bit of a turn-off.The old saying is good, the sky wind and rain do not know, they have a few catties a few two you do not know?Since they do not have so high word level, can’t write out good things, don’t give somebody else’s cross pick nose shaft be fastidious, seems you are not a deep state of us, at least not our hengshui, hengshui, we especially our deep state, across the country, it is a small place, natural and tabloid newspaper publication small issue!Not like you from the big city.We feel good and content to have a little article in these little tabloids.How can I compete with you?Since you doubt that all the articles for guo Shu’s double issue are small newspapers and journals without serial numbers, I really don’t know whether you are jealous or mocking?If your ability is big, you also take out a few of their own works published in the “big newspaper” “big publication”, let us have a good look, also call group friends to learn to learn, how good it is?