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“Great ideological and moral liberation, civility and politeness to let people, kindness and grievances all forget, a new atmosphere of social stability.We have food and clothes, and the Communist Party propped up the sky to make us happy and build our homes…”On the eighth day of the first lunar month, a group of lively and lovely children are singing and dancing on the village stage in Guoda Village, Shenzang Town, despite heavy snow in the sky.In recent years, the goal of our state is to continuously meet the people’s growing needs for a better life, to improve the cultural supply and cultural products in the hearts of the people as the main line, so that the Chinese culture has become the emotional support, spiritual home and spiritual home of the people of all ethnic groups.The old man of Kalchin township in Zhuoni County told reporters that there was no small square in the village before, and she stayed at home every day when the farm was idle. “Since there was a small square, we have a good place for fitness and conversation.Now, after dinner, I can take my grandson to the cultural square to play, and I can also exercise on the fitness equipment. This square is really nice.”The old man a simple “good” word out the heart of infinite joy.View exhibitions, taste books, enjoy science and technology……Today, people can enjoy a free “cultural feast” in the cultural square at their doorstep.I state and improve the system of public cultural services to build museums, memorial halls, rural “memory,” the museum of 25, nine library, and cultural center of nine, nine city digital cinema, multi-use cultural centers in towns (street), 100, village-level cultural activity center stage (rural), 662, 659, temple house 122 farmers and herdsmen bookstore,The state museum (science and technology museum) main project was fully capped, the state ethnic characteristics digital library project named as the fourth batch of national public cultural service system demonstration project.In the long history, the people of Gannan have created wonderful intangible cultural heritage and artistic works, and the fragrance of the long history of culture has attracted the attention of the world.By mining, sorting, carry forward actively, to declare the five intangible cultural heritage representative projects listed in the fifth group of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects list and officially announced by the State Council, the existing state-level non-material cultural heritage list project representative heritage 8, 13, project 49 provincial intangible cultural heritage projects, representative inheritance 52,Intangible cultural heritage projects ranked first in the province.The maintenance and protection projects of Labrang Temple, Taozhou Wei City and Niutou City relics were carried out, and galutian House was listed in the eighth batch of key cultural relics under state protection, bringing the number of such sites to seven at the national level and 34 at provincial level.In 2019, the Xia River Denisovan Study was selected as one of the world’s top 10 archaeological finds for 2019.The sky is clear, the music is flying, and the Guozhuang dance music is floating in the xiangbala cultural Square, which makes people relaxed and happy, with endless aftertaste. Here is the snow antelope City, and a bright pearl of the beautiful Gannan and cultural Gannan.”Since the village stage was built at home, people have actively organized cultural activities such as Tibetan opera, playing and singing, so that they can enjoy a ‘cultural feast’ at home.”This is what Wandeke, a villager from Zadai Village, Zogaimanma Town, hezuo City, said about the convenience brought by the village stage.Books such as Culture Gannan series and Nine Colors Gannan Culture Series have been published.South wood, Tibetan opera “Tang Dongjie cloth” selected the sixth national ethnic theatrical festival and won the award of excellent dramas, film “gannan love song” won the “five ones” project awards, the musical “darma flower” in the central propaganda department to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China excellent works and won the sixth stage art performance in gansu drama plays in hong mei award competition,”Pot Village in the Prosperous Times” won the first prize of “Pomegranate Cup” provincial minority artistic performance.These excellent works record the hot practice of the development of The Times with passion, listen to the colorful heart rhythm of gannan children, and write the brilliant and glorious vicissitudes of gannan culture.Nowadays, gannan land bursts of cultural new wind and come, everywhere is the new atmosphere brought by cultural development.Gannan Daily reporter Zhang Jiyuan Source: Gannan Daily