Suzuki Alto left the field, changan new energy vehicles rise rapidly, so ford motor sit up and take notice

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For most ordinary consumers, electric cars may still be a vague concept.It could be a so-called “battery car” driven by a delivery man, a luxury and high-performance Tesla electric coupe, or a gas-electric hybrid.And in our country, generally summed up in the word “new energy vehicles”, including battery as energy storage power of pure electric vehicles, is composed of internal combustion engine and motor common powertrain of hybrid electric vehicle, mainly hydrogen fuel cell as a power source of the fuel cell electric vehicles, and other relatively small and the use of fossil fuel cars.Advantages of new energy vehicles is very obvious, it is can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, the second is to optimize the energy structure, and relieve the dependence on petroleum resources, greater contribution for the national energy security, the second is, compared with the traditional energy vehicles used by the internal combustion engine, the moving parts of the motor number less, more efficient, and more reliable.Most friends know that China has developed into the world’s largest automobile market, new energy vehicle market and travel market from the ancient agricultural society.And, of course, our country will become the world’s largest car market, new energy automobile market, this is a process, and all the auto enterprise, is not the start manufacturing “new energy vehicles”, has experienced manufacturing process of traditional fuel vehicle, the process, still pretty “dramatic”, many domestic enterprises have with foreign car companies “joint venture”,Take Changan Automobile for example. In 1984, Changan Automobile Company and Suzuki Of Japan formally signed a cooperation agreement on technology and trade, carrying out cooperation in minicar and engine projects, and began to produce “Changan” brand series minicar.In 1991, Chang ‘an assembled its first batch of cars — 500 Alto cars — by buying spare parts.As a result, Alto is known as the “brother of Audi”, it is the “god car” in the eyes of a generation, for a long time, it comes and goes like wind in the streets of China.In 1993, Japan’s Suzuki and Changan automobile successfully “alliance”, the joint venture set up Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., LTD.Changan Suzuki, which focuses on cheap small cars, swept the Chinese market with sales reaching 100,000 in 2003 and 200,000 in 2010, making it known as the “king of small cars”.So why has Changan Suzuki been so successful?This mainly that of changan suzuki, very well to the automobile consumption of pain points at the time, because most of the newly rich family, while buying the first car, in addition to the required substantial, with low overhead, affordable, with no doubt that suzuki’s pursuit of lightweight, cabinet brand character.However, regrettably, in 2018, Japan’s Suzuki Motor announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, and transferred the 40% and 10% equity of Changan Suzuki held by Japan’s Suzuki and Suzuki China respectively to Changan, which means that the “joint venture” between Changan and Suzuki has been dissolved.So why Japan suzuki motor to withdraw from the Chinese market, will leave without a cloud?Mainly because of the decline in sales, resulting in the decline in sales of the main reason is that, as people material standard of living rise, consumer upgrades, many cars consumers no longer only sensitive to the price, but the performance of the vehicle, space, put forward the higher request, luxurious but not suzuki innovation improvement, hence consumers “cold” by the market,Suzuki’s autuo, Suzuki and other brands of cars, the end of the brilliant moment in the Chinese market.However, Changan made preparations before Suzuki withdrew from the Chinese market. For example, in October 2017, Changan unveiled its “Shangri-La Plan” worth hundreds of billions of yuan: to complete the building of three new energy dedicated platforms by 2020;By 2025, all conventional fuel vehicles will be stopped and the entire product spectrum will be electrified.It is worth noting that at the press conference of this plan, Changan listed three new energy vehicle models — CS15EV, Yidou PHEV, new Yidou EV300, and officially established a new energy travel company — Changan Travel. In 2018,Changan also launched the CS75 PHEV and EV460, which integrates the latest intelligent achievements and Internet technology of Changan, because of the rapid rise of Changan new energy vehicles, at the same time, Changan Ford (the joint venture brand of Changan Automobile) also formally joined the new energy team, which shows the strength of Changan Automobile, so that the American car – Ford look at it with new eyes.From this, Changan automobile ushered in its highlight moment, in the research and development of new energy vehicles manufacturing, so that the industry sit up and take notice.In addition, the 2022 Version of Changan’s own brand new energy model, Benzben E-Star National Edition Colorful model, has also been launched. Among them, “Changan Benzben E-Star National Edition Colorful Model” has five bright features, which are favored by young consumers: first, appearance design:The design of the new car adopts the integral front face of the wave + tiger shark pupil type gold diamond front lamp group, sharp and proud, one glance identification, 8 trend matching colors with different life scenes, personality and colorful life from the start.Five doors and five seats large space with 10.25-inch integrated wide horizon LCD double screen, cool feeling all present;Second, free driving and control: The new car is equipped with three-in-one integrated electric drive, which has strong power.NEDC comprehensive range 301km, daily travel at your will.Power battery life cycle one-stop service butler, so that travel no worries;Third, safety protection: the new car has 360° all-round safety protection, so that you can travel safely all the time.These include: front ventilation disc and rear disc braking, EPB electronic parking, real-time tire pressure monitoring, reversing image/radar;Fourth, excellent quality: the new car carries aviation quality battery, high-speed rail quality electric drive, accompany you to travel at ease, 2520 working conditions verification, 300,000km road verification, is the double guarantee of travel;Fifth, intelligent interconnection: The new car is equipped with “Yuelian” intelligent interconnection system, which makes life more colorful and interesting.It is worth noting that the bright spot features so rich Changan new energy car Ben Ben E-star national edition colorful, the guide price is 49,800 yuan, can be economical, and the appearance of youth fashion by young people love.