Uni-t price sales of 113,900 free five luxury gift can test drive

2022-06-27 0 By

Super power grab: buy the car to enjoy 1000 yuan limited time red envelope super power enjoy: 0 interest, 24/36 period 0 interest rate, up to 5 years super long low interest loan super power exchange: exchange to enjoy 6000 yuan replacement subsidy, additional purchase enjoy 2000 yuan subsidy super power protection:The first owner is 588 yuan enough for 3 years or 6 times of national maintenance, 888 yuan enough to buy 6 years or 12 times of national maintenance (including the first guarantee) Super power protection: lifelong warranty of engine core parts (the first owner) Super powerThe basic traffic is free for life, and the Internet of Cars entertainment traffic is free for 3 years. Old customers are welcome to visit the test drive and purchase activities from February 16, 2022 to February 17, 2022