Big corrupt officials raked in 450 million, but also murder, the most violent black material by CCTV exposure

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Because of a trifle, black old boss with more than 20 thugs crazy beat two farmers.Two farmers were beaten so badly that their flesh and bones were broken and one of their legs had to be amputated.It’s not in a movie, it’s actually happening.Why are the forces of evil so rampant?Who is the umbrella behind them?Without further ado, today we are going to talk about this film is absolutely heavyweight, it is by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the state supervision commission propaganda department and CCTV jointly shot the opening anti-corruption blockbuster – Zero Tolerance, the aforementioned black boss, named Lou He.In the early 1990s, when he opened a series of casinos and casinos in Beizhen, Liaoning province, he began bribing Wang Liko, then deputy police chief, as his protection.Someone wanted to investigate Lou He, Wang Like immediately stopped and severely reprimanded.The above people beat the black, Wang Like to Lou River in advance.In addition, by virtue of his own power, Wang Liko also helped Lou He suppress other black evil forces, so that Lou He gang development and growth, become a criminal organization.Under the protection of Wang Liko, Lou He has done many evil things over the years, involving more than 80 criminal cases of intentional injury, extortion, picking quarrels and provoking troubles, and more than 30 public security cases.The two peasants mentioned at the beginning had merely quarrelled with his younger brother and others, and were thus revenged by him.When it came to 2008, with the promotion, Wang Licke started a series of operations to clean Up Lou He for fear that Lou He would affect his official career.Simply put, he first asked Lou He to turn himself in, and then asked the public Security Bureau to give Lou He a lighter sentence.In this way, it was not long before Louhe was “whitewashed” and turned into a local real estate developer, illegally monopolizing the local tourism, logistics and other industries under the influence of Wang Like.Is it scary?Calculate, Wang Like is really from the “corrupt home”.From the start, it was his father, beizhan’s richest man, who used his connections to send him to the police force, where he worked his way up to deputy chief of the Jinzhou public Security Bureau.Later, “outshining blue” Wang Like, while using his power to collude with businessmen to accept bribes, and at the same time to bribe superiors to establish relations.He was promoted to deputy head of liaoning’s provincial public security department and, in 2011, paid a million yuan bribe to Sun Lijun, then deputy head of the ministry’s general Office.Since then, Wang has visited Sun four or five times a year in Beijing.His bribery method is absolutely absolutely, directly put 300,000 DOLLARS in the seafood box to bring to Sun Lijun in front of the joint codeword is: I will give you some “small seafood”……For the first time, I know that “little seafood” can also have this meaning!After that, it was through sun Lijun’s cultivation that Wang Licke’s “official career” went smoothly, and he became vice governor of Jiangsu province, director of the Public Security Department and member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province.By the time of the case, Wang Like gave Sun Lijun’s small seafood, the total equivalent to more than 90 million yuan.The so-called “complicity” refers to people like Wang Liko and Sun Lijun.Obviously, be the same as Wang Like, Sun Lijun can have such “high position”, nature also is evil numerous.As early as 2001, when he was working in the Ministry of Health, he set up a company with a pharmaceutical boss to introduce the relationship between the government and the hospital, and share the profits with the other side by 30 percent.When he took a post in the Ministry of Public Security, he used his power and position to handle legal disputes for the company, evade regulatory penalties, conduct power-money transactions with the actual controller of the company, and accept a large amount of money and property.In 2008, after moving to Beijing, Sun Lijun became even more serious and unscrupulous in corruption and bribery. He collected expensive watches, gold and silver jewelry, vintage Maotai, high-end mobile phones, precious Pu ‘er tea and so on.Some say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Sun Lijun is a typical example of such absolute corruption. After his arrest, he gave an example, saying that he had never run a red light before, but when he arrived at the Ministry of Public Security, he began to think it was normal for him to run a red light.What you mean?Meaning is: in this land I am the boss, the law is not legal, irregular rules, that is not my final say!In fact, in addition to Wang, Gong Daoan, former vice mayor of Shanghai and former director of Shanghai public Security Bureau, Deng Huilin, former vice mayor and director of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, and Liu Xinyun, former vice governor of Shanxi Province and former director of the provincial public Security Department, are also sun lijun’s associates.Together, they formed a small circle centered on Sun Lijun and formed a huge interest group.Among them, in order to make business ability excellent Gong Daoan hell-bent for their own work, Sun Lijun foot this.He not only promoted Gong continuously through active operation, but also helped gong solve his children’s housing problems and his relatives’ employment problems, and even gave gong’s team bonuses with his own money.Why don’t you help the people solve their housing and job problems?!Not only that, but his ambitions grew when he became vice minister of public security in 2018.According to the film, Sun lijun developed a “15-year plan” for himself and often bragged among his business friends that he would reach the next level in five years.I see you can. Why aren’t you in the sky?To be honest, WHEN I saw this, I almost squirted out, but then I felt more heavy.Because, behind this extreme desire for power, is an extremely twisted and corrupt soul, he is absurd, ridiculous, crazy, dark, but great harm to the people and the country.I can’t imagine how many people and how many families have suffered because of his and his gang’s abuse of the law and power.It can be said that corrupt elements like Sun Lijun are almost everywhere.In addition to the political and legal circles, corruption also exists in every field closely related to our common people.For example, in the medical field, Ma Linkun, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, once sought personal gains from medical equipment procurement and other businesses.By the time of the crime, he had accepted more than 30 businessmen to send more than 30 million yuan of property.Think about it, because of him, the hospital in the procurement of medical equipment to pay more cost, will eventually be transferred to the national finance and we small people, his behavior is tantamount to “murder”.Another example is in the financial field. Hu Huaibang, former Party secretary and chairman of China Development Bank, approved a $4.8 billion loan to Shanghai Huaxin Energy Co., LTD in 2015, because he took tens of millions of bribes.4.8 billion US dollars is not a small amount. The project of Shanghai Huaxin Energy Co., Ltd. has huge potential risks and is completely inconsistent with the positioning of China Development Bank. According to the formal process, it cannot be approved.Now, 71 companies under Shanghai Huaxin Energy Have merged into bankruptcy, making it difficult to collect huge loans and causing heavy losses to the country’s financial assets.If Hu Huaibang had not used the power of the boss to strongly promote the company’s loans, this loss would not have been.However, compared with the above corrupt figures, in the first two episodes of “Zero Tolerance”, wang Fuyu, the former party secretary and chairman of guizhou CPPCC, opened my eyes the most.His amazing operations are very many, let’s pick out a few major ones.First, in the 1990s, he broke the law to collect money, and in 1995, he illegally processed immigration procedures for himself and his family, which he later cancelled in 2009, fearing trouble.Second, he took advantage of his power as the leader (party secretary and mayor) of Qiongshan city, Hainan province, to contract part of the Project of the Hairui Bridge to a boss, and the return he demanded was that the other party bought him a suite.As we all know, Hai Rui is a famous clean official in the history of our country, Wang Fuyu named a bridge after Hai Rui, and then they use the bridge to deal in power and money, this is not to waste hai Rui?Since then, Wang Fuyu has been addicted to “buying a house”, letting one private business owner after another buy a house for himself in Sanya, Guiyang and Shenzhen, and then put it in the name of relatives.In winter, he goes to Sanya.In summer, he lived in Guiyang.When autumn came, he went to Shenzhen.Others are what “migratory bird old man”, he this whole a “migratory bird corrupt official” ah!Third, Wang Fuyu is crazy about golf. He has a villa next to a golf course.Sometimes, to play golf, he would ask business owners to take him on their entire private jet to play on the greens around the country.Fourth, in order to facilitate access to the bribes, he got himself and his brother two fake ID cards, and opened multiple bank accounts with the fake ID cards.All told, the money in these accounts amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.Fifth, although the country’s anti-corruption efforts in recent years has been a high-pressure situation, but wang Fuyu is not afraid.He thought of a way to evade supervision, that is, to deal with the briber, and the other party agreed to wait until he retired to give him the money.Boy, this is option corruption!Sixth, Wang Fuyu’s living room is covered with all kinds of words that are indifferent to fame and wealth and care for the people.One of them is a boss gave him a couplet, the couplet is written like this: life is good and clean as jade, for the people’s spirit rich if fairy.I believe friends have seen that this couplet is a “rainbow fart”, the name of Wang Fuyu hidden in the inside.This shameless licking, is really deplorable, deplorable.Compared with this flattering couplet, the actual situation is that during wang Fuyu’s term in office, illegally accepted property equivalent to 434 million yuan, and after retirement, using influence to accept property, equivalent to 17.35 million yuan.Irony is not?Shock is not?Have to sigh, the means of these corrupt elements and behavior, as if only you can not imagine, but there is no they can not do.There are five episodes of Zero Tolerance, so I won’t go into any more corruption cases. If you are interested, you can find out for yourself.In the film, there is a sentence that impressed me very deeply: the people hate corruption most, if we don’t offend hundreds of corrupt people, we will offend 1.4 billion people.The fight against corruption is common to all of us.No matter what we do, we must be people who cannot see sand in their eyes. We must have zero tolerance for corruption. We must never think that “society is like this” and allow corrupt people to run amok in the world.At the same time, we must also guard our bottom line, do not let ourselves become corrupt one, by power and desire to devour the conscience and soul.Click “like” to let more people know about this documentary and see our determination to fight corruption.