Clear snow and ice!Linxiang this group of people warm a city

2022-06-28 0 By

Yueyang Evening News all media news (correspondent Cao Hongliang) February 7, the year of the tiger Spring Festival after the first day of work, a wave of heavy snow came unexpectedly, linxiang earth a piece of snow.The falling snow caused a lot of snow on roads, parks and communities, and many trees broke and fell, affecting the normal passage of vehicles and pedestrians and endangering the personal safety of citizens.In order to create a civilized, safe, clean and harmonious urban environment, Linxiang City new era civilization practice center took active action, organized the city volunteers to carry out snow removal and deicing volunteer service activities, snow removal, deicing, in addition to the dead branches, effectively protect the safety of the citizens to travel, causing the majority of citizens have praised.Although the weather is cold, the sky is also floating snow, but did not resist the majority of party members volunteers snow deicing enthusiasm.The city party members and cadres not Gu Tianhan slippery, solidarity and collaboration, against the wind, hot, dashing, some wearing gloves, some with play, carrying shovels, broom, in the streets, courtyards, communities, schools around the cleaning the thick snow, clear flap pruning branches, flowers, trees, some dressed in a red waistcoat, to assist the traffic police directing traffic,Guide everyone to travel safely.Everyone against the cold wind, even shovel sweep, work together to clean up the snow at the foot, in a short time, to clean up a large road, busy figure formed a beautiful landscape of the city.Around the residents of friends also affected, have joined the snow shovel volunteer team.After a morning of fighting, volunteers shovel out a “safe road”, “convenient road” for the general public, received the majority of citizens stop praise.