Pork production capacity will remain at 55 million tons during the 14th Five-Year Plan period

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On February 11th, The State Council issued the “14th Five-year Plan” to promote agricultural and Rural modernization (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”).According to the plan, pork production capacity should be kept at around 55 million tons to prevent drastic fluctuations in production.In terms of developing modern animal husbandry, the plan proposes to improve the long-term mechanism for the steady and orderly development of the pig industry, promote standardized large-scale breeding, and stabilize the production capacity of pork at around 55 million tons to prevent dramatic ups and downs in production.We will implement the five-year action plan for the development of cattle and sheep, and vigorously develop herbivorous animal husbandry.Strengthen the construction of milk source bases and optimize the structure of dairy products.Steady development of the poultry industry.We will build a modern forage industry system and promote specialized forage production.In terms of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of fishery, the plan proposed to improve the protection system of tidal flats in important aquaculture waters, strictly implement the planning of tidal flats in aquaculture waters and the system of issuing aquaculture certificates for tidal flats, maintain the overall stability of the area of aquaculture waters, and reach 69 million tons of aquatic products annually by 2025.We will promote green and healthy aquaculture, and steadily develop integrated rice-fishery farming, large surface ecological fisheries, and saline-alkali aquaculture.We will improve the layout of green offshore aquaculture, support the development of far-reaching Marine aquaculture, and speed up the development of deep-sea fishing bases.We will strengthen the construction and management of fishing ports and develop fishing port economic zones.In promoting the diversified development of fruit, vegetable and tea, the plan proposes to develop facility agriculture and develop characteristic industries such as forestry, traditional Chinese medicine and edible fungi in accordance with local conditions.To strengthen the responsibility system of “vegetable basket” the mayor, north to the south of food vegetable production bases and huang-huai-hai region facilities as the key point to strengthen the construction of winter and spring vegetable production base, with mountain, plateau, high altitude cold regions such as vegetable production is the key to strengthen the construction of summer and the vegetable production base, build complementary varieties, reasonable scheduling, the supply pattern of regional coordination.We will coordinate tea culture, tea industry and tea technology to improve the development quality of the tea industry.(after)