Qingdao Private Economic Bureau implements “Six actions” to promote “Resumption of work and Stable Enterprise”

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Qingdao, March 29 — (Reporter Liu Yixue) In order to coordinate the implementation of the current epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, promote the smooth operation of Qingdao’s economy and support the healthy development of private enterprises, On March 29, Qingdao Bureau of Private Economic Affairs formulated the “Steady resumption of work” action plan to promote the resumption of work and production of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.To stabilize the high-quality development of Qingdao’s private economy and small and medium-sized enterprises.The action plan is divided into six “six actions”, consisting of 22 items. First, the action plan is to ensure the resumption of work and production, precisely implement prevention and control measures, formulate specific opinions on bailout and assistance, promote the “benefit of enterprises without asking for funds”, establish a coordination mechanism for assistance and support, and carry out publicity activities of “promoting policies to the community level”.Second, we will take action to supply financial factors. We will launch joint special financing services for investment, insurance and loan, accelerate the establishment of market-based emergency lending companies, strengthen support for enterprises to increase credit, and vigorously clear up accounts owed to small and medium-sized enterprises.Third, we will support the integration of innovation and transformation projects into the industrial chain, organize the third batch of key “little Giant” enterprises to declare and the municipal “specialized and special new” enterprises to identify, release the online platform “card into the chain”, and launch the new products of “specialized and special new” enterprises;Fourth, we will encourage innovation and creativity. We will hold the first quarter of 2022 Private economic Creativity Fair, launch the eighth “Mayor’s Cup” Sme Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, build a platform for experts’ think tanks on private economic development, and innovate the operation and scheduling mechanism of the private economy.Fifth, the promotion of key projects, the first China (Qingdao) Aerospace Industry Double recruitment and double introduction conference, Qingdao private enterprises investment district city travel activities;Sixth, to enhance competitiveness, make good use of the platform of “opening the list”, carry out special live broadcast activities, and hold special activities to improve the management of Qingdao private small and medium-sized enterprises’ understanding of standards.In the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Private Economy will work with the competent departments of private economy in all districts to promote the implementation of the action plan of “Work resumption and Steady Enterprise”, help enterprises to resume work and production, rescue and solve difficulties, and promote the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Qingdao.Attachment: Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau “Resume work and stabilize enterprise” action plan