Spring Festival travel (I want to play service area 3)

2022-06-28 0 By

Yesterday, February 2, yunnan province, snow and rain, Spring Festival travel to Zhanyi boundary encountered rain, immediately turned into snow.Never personally visited the snow day was very excited!As the snow became heavier and heavier, the highway was closed, and around 10:30 a.m., the highway got off from the Haifeng entrance of the Central Yunnan Ring Road.Stay overnight at the entrance and exit truck park.Traffic from the station at haifeng entrance to the highway, in and out all afternoon, all night on the highway clearing the road.There are only two cars in the parking lot, one large and one small. The big car belongs to Jin A, who will pull the goods to Yunnan and then return.Never left footprints in the snow before, and this time I did!Being stuck here can’t help but disturb the workstation staff.Overnight on the bus.Another day of road work began and the work vehicles were ready to go.The hard workers are loading salt particles again!Road closures relative to toll collectors have more leisure time, the year of the Tiger built a snow tiger!!The crew of the Chinese workstation invited the two of us to lunch.Have a hot pot on a cold day.Jin A’s truck returned and took some vegetables to Wuhan, truck drivers are really hard, the New Year’s day to pull goods!2 p.m. Freeway unsealed!Goodbye haifeng Expressway toll booth!Wish every one of your staff work smoothly, auspicious year of the Tiger!