The female has anile, “lower half body” can talk, if do not occupy, congratulations still calculate young

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Aging, as a normal physiological phenomenon of the downward trend of tissue and organ parts of the body, belongs to one of the images that everyone has to face. Although skin care work or hormone secretion can not avoid this normal physiological phenomenon, which is also known as the process of human mood fluctuations.The breeding of eye wrinkles and facial color spots brings certain troubles to women, which also faces the problem that the body is affected by endocrine disorders. After entering the age of 35, the body appears in the subtle state of development, and a series of subtle changes are typical symptoms of aging.Are women aging?Lower body will talk, if not accounted for, congratulations still young according to medical data shows that women with age changes body joint site presents a downward trend, compared with the male population will be about 2.5 times higher, which is also one of the causes of arthritis symptoms of women in their 30s.As an important organizational parts to maintain the body weight, the knee to the human body normal physiological activities and movement process play a supporting effect, if within a short period of time, the knee joint parts appeared kaka’s voice, indirectly affect their ability to act, especially when sleeping at night my legs ache is very obvious, will be timely attention.As one of the important manifestations of female reproductive organ and urinary tract health, menstrual disorder can also be a manifestation of aging to a certain extent. According to clinical mechanisms, the female is affected by estrogen secretion, which indirectly affects the excretion state of her ovary and uterus.The body along with the change of metabolism in 360 times to 420 times menstruation comes, influenced by the physiological structure and food nutrients intake, its physical form and trend of assimilation development positive qualities that women into female hormone secretion decline after the age of 45, directly led to the menstrual secretion is reduced, at the same time accompanied by a certain abdominal pain phenomenon,It is mostly the early signal that aging brings to the organism.The body had a lower intake of vitamins and dietary fiber content to a certain extent, the organs and tissues for repair of parts of the surface layer and run, if the body in a short time the organization function as well as organ part presents the development in clinical characteristics degradation, collagen content itself will also have an effect, indirect caused the age spots and wrinkles and freckles pathological phenomena occur.The body muscle tissue aging and relaxation phenomenon in clinical aspects show the most obvious part for the buttocks, compared with the previous water can not be adequately supplemented, the indirect formation of the lack of elasticity phenomenon occurs, with the speed of naked eye observation produced line lack of beauty phenomenon.Women are affected by aging of body organs and insufficient nutrient supplementation, which indirectly affects their own excretion process. In a short period of time, they are affected by constipation and obstructed defecation. This is because of their excretion effect, the efficiency of gastrointestinal digestion, absorption and decomposition shows a downward trend.When the body constipation is more serious, it also affects its own transmission response mechanism, which directly affects its own aging rate. It can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms by taking drugs under the advice of doctors.02 slow the aging speed, pay attention to the following a few female friends if you want to slow down the ageing process of its speed, first to solve the problem from the source, the method of estrogen can eat more food supplement the lack of sex hormones in the body, indirect speed delay consenescence, effectively prevent the reproductive system disorders failure effect.Estrogen of the body is supplemented to a certain extent, which indirectly stabilizes the secretion of insulin, accelerates the consumption and decomposition process of precise tissue protein and excess glycogen, and alleviates the lack of moisture in the skin from the root problem.According to medical data, research shows that the aging rate of female friends who insist on exercise is reduced by 10.5% compared with the normal population. The dopamine hormone secreted in the process of exercise maintains the body’s circulation and metabolism mechanism, achieves the excretion effect of excess toxin waste and effectively achieves the purpose of anti-disease.It is suggested that female friends develop good habits of jogging, walking and yoga in daily life, and control the exercise time for more than 45 minutes a day, which can also avoid the risk of obesity to a certain extent.Timely supplement of the lack of water in the body indirectly delayed their own aging speed, the body’s excess toxin waste by the influence of water minerals to promote the excretion effect, maintain the body collagen content of the antioxidant nature, care for the facial surface tissue part of the young state.Through this article, I believe you have a certain medical knowledge of aging, what do you think there are good ways to care for skin health?Feel free to share them in the comments section below so that more people can benefit.Guide to Summer Regimen