Lazy li overnight us stock slump, Hong Kong stocks in the year of the Tiger

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Lazy li overnight US stock slump, Hong Kong stocks in the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger!Hong Kong stocks got off to a good start on The first trading day of the Year of the Tiger on Feb 4, the start of spring, with the Hang Seng Index rising 2.71% and the Hang Seng Technology index 2.29%.At the afternoon opening, Hong Kong stocks more aggressive, as of press time, the Hang Seng index rose 3.16% to 24553.71 points, up 751 points.Among them, the auto sector is strong.Ideal auto up more than 12%, xiaopeng up more than 10%, BYD up more than 7%.On the news, the new force of car “Li Xiaowei” recently released January delivery data.Among them, NIO delivered 9,652 new cars in January 2022, up 33.6% year on year;Xiaopeng Automobile delivered 12,922 units in January, up 115% year on year, and the accumulative historical delivery volume exceeded 150,000 units.Ideal Motors delivered a total of 12,268 Ideal ONE units in January, up 128.1% year on year, and the delivery exceeded 10,000 units for three consecutive months.Internet technology stocks are not far behind.Wanguo Data rose more than 8%, Health rose more than 6%, and Alibaba jumped more than 5%, with its market cap surging HK $127.9 billion to HK $2,602.4 billion.Bilibili up more than 4%, Meituan up more than 3%.But it is worth noting that overnight us stocks staged a black storm.In the Meta earnings “thunder” and the global major central banks to accelerate the tightening of monetary policy, the THREE major U.S. stock indexes opened lower on Thursday, closed sharply lower, the NASDAQ down 3.74%, the S&P 500 index fell 2.44%, the Dow 1.45%.The Nasdaq 100 plunged 4.2%, its biggest drop since September 2020.Us tech stocks slumped broadly, with Meta Platforms closing down 26% and losing a record $237.5 billion in market value in a single day.Apple fell 1.67%, Tesla 1.60%, Amazon 7.81%, Google A 3.32%, Netflix 5.56%, Microsoft 3.90%, Qualcomm 4.84%, AMD 2.18% and Nvidia 5.13%.Hong Kong stocks in the bottom?Why are Hong Kong stocks, which will be the world’s largest bear in 2021, so strong on the first trading day of the year of the Tiger?In fact, ahead of the Lunar New Year, the Hong Kong stock rebound encountered four consecutive black Yin.This was largely based on the proximity of the Fed’s first rate-setting meeting of 2022, and given the dramatic shift in the fed’s policy stance in the less than two months since its December FOMC meeting, abandoning its previous view that inflation was transitory.The market’s concern has obviously increased, and the expectation of interest rate hike this year has also soared from 1-2 times to 4 times, and even worries about a one-time interest rate hike of 50bps.The Minutes of the FOMC1 monthly rate-setting meeting showed that the Fed expected to end the Taper Taper in early March and indicated that the March rate hike was in line with market expectations and the Taper began after the start of the rate hike process.Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that the Fed has enough room to raise interest rates without harming economic growth, strengthening the attitude of raising interest rates in a series to suppress high inflation, and does not rule out the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates at every meeting, the need for a large scale reduction of the balance sheet, at least one hike after the discussion of shrinking the balance sheet.After the FOMC’s January interest-rate decision meeting, financial markets began to stabilize.In addition, geopolitical tensions were heating up dramatically, with Russia and Ukraine and NATO forces conducting border exercises, the risk of large-scale conflict looming, and global assets gyrating wildly.Hong Kong stocks as a typical offshore market, also inevitably affected.However, the situation between Russia and Ukraine is stabilizing for the time being.Local time on January 26, to alleviate the current crisis in Ukraine, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, jointly held in Paris, France “Normandy model” the quartet, consults on easing the crisis Ukraine quartet said after the talks, the parties shall abide by the cease-fire agreement unconditionally, and accelerate the Minsk protocol implementation.Before the Spring Festival, subject to the three major economic downward pressure, the A-share market is falling continuously, the gem index has fallen more than 12% since the beginning of the year, which also suppressed the trend of Hong Kong stocks.Therefore, Guangfa Hong Kong analyst Zheng Xinhuang believes that this round of Hong Kong stocks rebound but appears to be some “unfortunate”, just entered the confidence to repair the momentum, was peripheral markets and the onshore market has been down “cut off”.However, he further said that at present Hong Kong’s overall fundamental condition has not deteriorated, economic/earnings downward and the federal reserve to collect the water pressure in the expectations have have considerable into previously suppressed network of real estate, even in a marginal improvement in areas such as policy, Hong Kong will be dispersed in the network shares and stock room under the leadership of usher in a wave of larger rebound.But Hong Kong stocks may need to wait until after the Spring Festival to regain momentum, the operation needs to maintain a certain amount of patience.Industrial Securities global chief strategy analyst Zhang Yidong believes that China’s Hong Kong stocks in 2022 will gradually desensitized to the TURMOIL of the United States, is expected to usher in the return of overseas funds from other emerging markets, maintain the 2022 “Hong Kong stocks rebound small bull market” judgment.As a “global valuation depression”, Hong Kong stocks will see both domestic and foreign investment increase in 2022, based on China’s monetary and fiscal policies to stabilize the economy and the marginal improvement of China’s real estate, Internet and other industrial policy environment.But one risk to watch out for is that a US rate rise this year is already a done deal.Li Xunlei mentioned: historically, the fed to raise interest rates or shrink the negative effect on the emerging markets table bigger, this is because the dollar as the world of international currency, the federal reserve has stronger global monetary flow control, raising interest rates or table, will strengthen the dollar loss of the emerging markets, which bring liquidity to the market pressure.Back to Hong Kong, as a typical offshore financial markets, the dollar liquidity will be bigger, the influence of fluctuation in interest rates in the United States also will greatly accelerate the dollar outflow Hong Kong market, while Hong Kong this year is expected to usher in valuations to repair, but also had to be alert to the influence of the federal reserve to raise interest rates, as well as the situation in Russia and Ukraine is still a pending issues.