Star rui limited time discount 1000 yuan welcome test drive

2022-06-29 0 By

Shandong Emgrand Star Rui car sales, color optional.Cash purchase part of the model in Shandong Emgrand 4S shop, a lot of concessions, the price to force, multiple car gift waiting for you!Upon arrival, a professional sales consultant will tell you the parameters of the vehicle and the purchase policy in detail.Let you buy peace of mind, buy at ease, with peace of mind!Interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy, we wholeheartedly for your service!Shandong Emgrand 4S shop look forward to your visit!Promotion time from February 06, 2022 to February 06, 2022 Star Rui latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Jinan quotation 2.0T flagship 149,700 yuan 1010,700 yuan 148,700 yuan 2.0T luxury 123,700 yuan 1010,122,700 yuan 2.0TElite type 113,700 yuan 102,700 yuan 2.0T Luxury + 132,700 yuan 102,700 yuan 131,700 yuan 2.0T Noble type 138,700 yuan 102,700 yuan 137,700 yuan 2.0T space-time version Haoyue 132,700 yuan 102,700 yuan 131,700 yuan 2.0TSpace-time version of the stars 152,700 yuan 101,000 yuan 151,700 yuan